Medical Needs

At Sacred Heart RC Primary School, we support children with a range of medical needs and work closely with outside agencies including the School Nursing, General Practitioners and Paediatricians, to ensure provide the best possible care.

First Aid training has been delivered to all our staff team and we also have practitioners who have completed Paediatric First Aid courses in our EYFS and KS1.  We also access specific training for staff working closely with children with more complex needs such as Diabetes, Anaphylaxis and Epilepsy.

We have a defibrillator in school and our staff are trained to use it in an emergency, this is also available for use by the general public.

Individual Health Care Plans

Children with medical needs will have an Individual Health Care plan written in conjunction with school and their healthcare professional and/or school nurse. These are reviewed annually to ensure all knowledge is kept up to date. All staff are made aware of any changes made.