Parent Pay

ParentPay is an on-line school payment system which makes it easier for parents to pay for school dinner, trips, music lessons etc.

If you would like an activation key, please contact Mrs Pollard in the School Office.

Please click here for Parent Pay Link

What does ParentPay do?

· enables you to pay for School dinners  and other items such as Trips and After School Clubs

· offers a highly secure payment site

· gives you a history of all the payments you have made

· allows to create a single account login across all your children that attend a Parent Pay school

· shows you all items available for payment relevant to each of your children

· emails a receipt of your payment to the email address you register

· offers you the ability to set automated email  reminders


How does Parent Pay help you?

· gives you the freedom to make payments to school whenever and wherever you like

· stops you having to write cheques or search for cash to send to school

· gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made safely and securely

· payments for many of the larger trips can be made by instalments up to the due date

· you never need miss a payment or have insufficient credit with automated email

· ParentPay is quick and easy to use

· You can print a report that shows what payments have been made – this may be useful for

   anyone needing to claim back any money from the Government or for Tax Credits.

· ParentPay have a support system for all parents in which they can contact Parent Pay for help.

· You can pay online using a computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone.


I have more than one child at the school does that mean I will have an account for each child?
If you have more than one child at our school or children at another ParentPay school, you can

create one single account login for all your children