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Design and Technology


Design and Technology-Statement of Intent


At Sacred Heart RC Primary and Nursery School we aim to provide children with opportunities to analyse products, design and make their own and evaluate their product. Pupils will have the opportunity in each year group to learn about mechanics, textiles and food, with each year group developing the skills from the previous year. Pupils will be taught how to use a range of tools safely – saws, glue guns, needle and thread, knives, etc. We aim to develop confident independent children who will be ready and prepared for the real world. We endeavour to make Design Technology inclusive for all children, including those with additional needs, Pupil Premium and Gifted and Talented children. Design and Technology should provide children with a real life context for learning. We want to allow children to aspire to be more through creating opportunities for them in the wider world. Through the D&T curriculum, children should be inspired by engineers, designers, chefs and architects to enable them to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products with a real life purpose.


All teaching of D&T should follow the design, make and evaluate cycle. Each stage should be rooted in technical knowledge.  The design process should be rooted in real life, relevant contexts to give meaning to learning. While making, children should be given choice and a range of tools to choose freely from. To evaluate, children should be able to evaluate their own products against a design criteria. Each of these steps should be rooted in technical knowledge and vocabulary. DT should be taught to a high standard, where each of the stages should be given equal weight. There should be evidence in each of these stages in the DT books, which should also develop to show clear progression across the key stages as they are passed up through each year group.

Key Stage 1

In KS1 this looks like:


Design should be rooted in real life, relevant contexts to give meaning to the learning.

Planned through appropriate formats: drawing, templates and talking.



Pupils should be given a range of tools for their projects to choose from. They should use a wide range of materials and components; textiles, construction equipment and ingredients.


Evaluate existing products.

Evaluate their own products against design criteria.

 Key Stage 2

In KS2 this looks like:


Rooted in real life, relevant contexts to give meaning to the learning.

Researched designs based on functional, appealing products with purpose.

Planned by appropriate methods; annotated sketches, cross-sectional diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer aided design.


Children can select from a wider range of tools than KS1.

Children should use from and select a wider range of materials and components; textiles, construction equipment and ingredients.



Evaluations should be in comparison to existing products.

Children should evaluate against a design criteria.

Children should understand how key events and individuals have helped shape design and technology globally.

Year 5 have been making DT monsters using instructions from the Mount Carmel Year 5 DT Enrichment Programme- December 2020

The Eco Team visited Mount Carmel RC High School for an Eco Day as part of the Catholic School's Cluster- Wednesday 5th March 2020

Year 6 demonstrated  how to use  tools safely and accurately as they prepared food for their recipes - Wednesday 12th February 2020

Pupils in Year 3 made Design and Technology Topic Projects- Friday 1st November 2019

Year 5 made pneumatic models- Aut 2 2020 

Year 2 made moon buggies as part of their 'Explorers topic' - February 2020

Year 5 went to Mount Carmel RC High School as part of an enrichment programme and made creatures with moving parts!- Wednesday 12th February 20

Even the After School Club are enjoying designing and making healthy pizzas! - Wednesday 29th January 2020

The pupils in the Reception Class have been busy making Fire engines in Expressive Arts and Design - December 2019

Year 5 Design and Technology Enrichment at Mount Carmel RC High School- Wednesday 29th January 2020

The pupils in Year 1 have been learning all about Robots and made their own in Design and Technology and as part of a homework project - January 2020