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The mission of Sacred Heart RC Primary is to provide education in which Christ is central to the work and life of the school where the Gospel values of trust, respect, truth, tolerance, honesty and forgiveness are promoted.

The school wishes to develop and maintain strong meaningful links between home, school, parish and the wider community. The school wishes to work with parents to provide a co-operative and supportive atmosphere where effective learning can take place.

As Parents
I/We shall try to:

• Ensure that my child attends school regularly, on time and suitably equipped, including PE kit.
• Inform school for reasons of my child’s absence.
• Support the school’s policies and guidelines in encouraging good standards of behaviour and inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
• Encourage my child to try his/her best at all times and support them with any homework or other opportunities for home learning.
• Encourage respect and consideration towards other children and their property.
• Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
• Arrange medical appointments outside of school hours where possible.
• Support guidelines on standards of uniform and jewellery.
• Support the Christian values of the school community.

The Pupil
I will try to:

1. Attend school regularly and on time.
2. Do my school work to the best of my ability.
3. Keep the school rules at all times.
4. Be polite, respectful, caring and tolerant towards the needs of others.


The school will try to:


  1. Provide a friendly welcome to your child and a secure, stimulating, Christian environment in which to learn.
    2. Ensure that the teachings of Christ are central to school life.
    3. Treat your child with the respect they require.
    4. Do our best to provide the best possible education we can for your child and enthusiastic teaching rooted in our beliefs, our values and our skills.
    5. Keep you informed about your child’s progress.
    6. Keep you informed of school activities through regular newsletters.
    7. Contact you if there is a problem with your child’s attendance or punctuality.
    8. Inform you of any concerns regarding your child’s behaviour, work or health.
    9. Challenge your child to strive to reach their full potential in their personal, social and intellectual development.


Name of child _____________________________________________________


Signed ___________________________________________(Parent/Guardian)


Date ______________________________________________________________


Signed on behalf of school (Headteacher):

C. Mashiter