The Bethany Project


The Bethany Project, is a children's home for orphans or abandoned children in Tanzania. Currently over 100 children live there who have been rescued and their smiling faces are a testimony to the love and hope they now receive.

'The Bethany Project' visited Sacred Heart!

"The children from 'The Bethany Project' told us about how lucky we are to have celebrations, family and school. The sang and danced amazingly"- Wojtek 

"I loved the dancing and singing and the teacher told us all about 'The Bethany Project'- Jamie

"I appreciate that they shared their stories of the past with us. Thank you for being an amazing example to the little ones for them to be grateful for everything they have."- Xanthe

"They were really inspiring and showed that they really appreciate the things that they have"- Peaches


"The assembly this morning was absolutely amazing, as a singer I really did think the children singing was both moving and beautiful. It is the best assembly I have attended." 

Anthony Flanagan (Governor)