At Sacred Heart RC Primary and Nursery School we aim to provide our students with opportunities to develop a passion for Music and performing Arts. We believe that the opportunity to engage in musical experiences is crucial for the development of the whole child. Through playing, creating, singing and performing, children develop confidence, communication, thinking and creative skills. The pupils have access to music through regular classroom activities and music lessons, school choir and singing in morning worship and hymns. Children are taught to listen carefully and experience a wide range of music from different times and cultures. Our aim is to provide a music curriculum which will enable each child to reach their full potential in music, encourage children to enjoy singing, composing and performing and provide children with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience both within and outside of school. Our pupils are given the opportunity to perform in different forums such as in the local community as part of an Inter School Choir, Young Voices, Nativity performances and school choir and church events.



Our curriculum is centred around ‘Charanga’, a music-based scheme, in which the pupils learn to sing and play instruments. They also have an opportunity to develop an understanding of pulse, rhythm and notation. The programme incorporates the use of technologies such as ‘Garage Band’, enabling the children to compose their own pieces.


Ukulele Assembly

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