Why We are Here

Every child, parent, governor and member of our school community is unique in self and has unique qualities to offer. All aspects of our School, the relationships, the curriculum, the policies, the aims and objectives, the pastoral care and discipline have the potential to speak of God’s presence in our lives, helping us to unlock our potential. The purpose of a Catholic school is to evangelise, to jointly ‘hand on the faith’ in partnership with home and parish, for the future transformation of society (the common good). Our aim is to support each child in their journey of faith, working alongside parents, the first educators of the children. We firmly believe that God is in all places and people, and that all people are our God given brothers and sisters. As a Catholic school we value the importance of the spiritual journey made by pupils, staff, parents, parishioners, governors and parish priest, with the school acting as a cornerstone.

Our Mission Statement

Everyone at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School will try to make Christ visible in everything that they say and do. Our Mission Statement is:

'Let the love of Christ show in all that we do.'


Our Mission Statement inspires and guides every aspect of school life. It is regularly referred to  around school and is the focus for one of our daily acts of Collective Worship.

Our approach to developing the children’s understanding of their Catholic Faith is rooted in the 5W's of the Salford Diocese Framework for Review, Evaluation and Celebration.



Our School Values

A huge thank you to all the stakeholders who contributed to the feedback about the values we feel are important for our pupils. The twelve values we felt were most  relevant were:













Each week we focus on a specific value to help our pupils to gain a deeper understanding of each.



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