Positive Childhood Experiences

A rich tapestry of experiences underpins our curriculum, offering all children opportunities to develop a practical understanding of the world; inspire them to learn about the world around them and create a sense of awe and wonder.

We want every one of our children to leave school with a range of skills and knowledge that will equip them for life in the modern world. They will have been exposed to a range of learning experiences, met aspirational people and visited places which will inspire them and give them an idea as to the direction they want their life to take. Underpinned by our Catholic values, SMSC, British Values and PSHE, children will have grown spiritually and morally and, through a nurtured self-awareness will have the chance to achieve their full potential.

Where possible, we will use our close links with the community to provide learning opportunities which will engage and enthuse our learners whilst being relevant to the current learning. We will teach children the importance of looking after one another through specific roles such as play-leaders, through pairing older and younger pupils as buddies, and looking after others through visiting and performing for members and groups from the local community.

Please watch the slideshow and videos below to see some of our amazing experiences the children at Sacred Heart have been part of: 

Year 3 Local Area History Unit - Howarth Art Gallery, October 2021

Year 6 Transition Day at Mount Carmel, September 2021

Year 6 PGL trip to Winmarleigh Hall, September 2021

Year 1 went on their first ever school trip this week! (January 2022)

They visited "Bring Yer Wellies" near Preston and had a fantastic time filled with incredible learning experiences.  For instance, did you know that horses poo 15 times a day?  They planted oregano and lemon thyme plants, investigated a wormery, raced boats along the brook and built a den big enough for 12 people to sit inside.  Please enjoy the photos below. 

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