Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Pupil Premium 2016-17

The Pupil Premium for 2016-17 is £88,800

The Early Years Pupil Premium for 2016 is £628.05

This is based on £1320 for Ever 6 children/ £1900 for Child Looked After Children/ £300 for service family children and £302.10 for Early Years 3-4 year old.

This will be spent in the following ways:


Money to be spent on:

Evidence for need:

Impact to be seen:

Approx. Cost:

trips/ visitors:

Including subsidising 2 residential trips.

Need to enrich lives of children/ give real life opportunities that are missing

Allow children to be able to write about what they have seen

Writing attainment to improve through literacy & cross curricular writing



 ie football/ choir/multi skills/ netball/ interschool tournaments / but football kits, team kits

Enrich lives through team work/ participation/ being proud of their school & community

Foster talent

Writing attainment – creating atmosphere

Understanding/ speech & language

AGT within sport to rise

£350 for transport


£200 for kits

Forest Schools:

Blocks of 6 weeks, for Reception and 1 other targeted class based on need  children 

Enrich lives through outdoor learning

Access to links to other parts of the curriculum

Target social needs within classes - nurture

Cross curricular writing attainment to improve ie science/ geography

Self esteem/ nurture rise


To fund Sure Start:

School Start x 30 sessions for 2 groups

Family Support for 7 months

Readiness for School project

Speech and Language groups

1:1 mentoring


Lack of early speech & language

Lack of parental engagement in the EY

Lack of pre-school nurturing/ health & self care / Home language only often spoken with Polish/ Asian parents

Parents need support over own well being/ children’s needs/ forms etc

Speech & language increased attainment on track for 30-50months in the EY

Social/ Emotional needs targeted to PRIME areas within the EY rise – having positive effect on behaviour for learning

Very few children who cant access English as they reach reception



Fund part of an attendance admin support to target all absence and any persistent absentees in order to raise attendance to above 96%

Attendance awards & prizes

To constantly raise attendance within school

Increase attendance within persistent absentees

Raised attendance = raised attainment/ children aren’t missing whole phonics, numeracy, literacy lessons

Parents value school more

£1900 for prize awards/ trips


£9188 per 35 weeks for attendance

Behavioural Needs:

For a TA3 to target behavioural needs/ 1:1 mentoring / Breakfast / Dinner Time Nurture Support

Needs of children’s emotional/ behavioural and social needs need meeting

Children need access to mentoring for wide range of concerns

Dinner time behaviour is an area of need to target

TA available to help with any needs for BESD in the classroom

Awareness of children’s nurture needs create better access to learning within class

Behaviour is better so less problems occur during lesson time

Behaviour for learning increases

Esteem increases so learning/ behaviour is better

8 x children for nurture/ year = £10,400


1 x child per 2 afternoons nurture = £1946


Resources = £700


Dinner nurture = £2432.50


Mentoring for 13 children = £6324.50


 for families/ 1x Uniform for the whole school / Uniforms for groups to represent the school within the community

No uniform/ coat/ shoes provided at home

Certain needs for families due to cost etc

Target children as and when this arises


Full uniforms 1 per child – children aren’t consistent in their uniform so they aren’t proud of their school – can lead to behavioural needs within groups

Representing the school we look like a team and a family

Children can access the outdoor with proper coats/ shoes

Children feel and look like everyone else in school

Parents feel ‘pressure’ is lifted to have exactly the same uniform


All children look like each other and this increases attainment and esteem which has a positive effect on behaviour for learning

£160 for 4 families








£2500 for whole school uniform


Support for 2 x CLA children

Family support for English

Mentoring support for the needs

2x polish TAs to help family access the schools and learning

1 x child in EY access to nurturing/ emotional support

Encourage the children to join in clubs etc

Nurture provision for 1 x CLA

Raised attainment through PEPs

Raised understanding of speech & language/ nurturing

Raised esteem through joining clubs/ nurture & mentoring provision


PEP funding based on £1900 / child = 3800

Pastoral Care:

from a Chaplain including Time to Talk Programme / family & community support

Links to the whole community can be accessed

Time to Talk a programme for children to be able to share – targeting nurture needs

Pastoral care to target the SRE within the catholic church

Catholic families access the chaplain for any concerns


Nurture provision leads to raised attainment in the younger years

Raised self esteem of children

Part funded


Extras include:

Swimming Kits/ PE kits if needed

Milk for KS1 and Milk for Pupil Premium Children in KS2









Additional support to boost academic needs through intervention

Not all children have access to kits for PE/swimming – depends on targeted need


Milk in EY/KS1 – children to have access to healthy lifestyles/ energy

Milk in KS2 as many children are hungry/ helps some children engage with behavioural needs as their behaviour is affected by hunger


TA intervention for breakfast numeracy club Yr6


Homework club weekly KS2 – allows all children help/ a place to do their homework


Easter School for 8 hours


Teacher to cover yr6 booster Oct – May 2 hours/week


TA support for academic needs

All children can access the full curriculum all weeks



Milk: stops children being hungry so attainment rises/ behaviour increases 








To raise scores within yr6 children


School work is valued/ attainment in spellings/ x tables/ basic numeracy & literacy to rise

Yr6 attainment to rise


Yr6 reading/ numeracy attainment to raise



Whole school needs met/ attainment and progress to rise in Lit./ Num

£80 for 4 children



























Pupil Premium Progress