The Pupil Premium for 2015-16 is £109,560

This is based on £1300 for Ever 6 children/ £1900 for Child Looked After Children/ £300 for service family children

This will be spent in the following ways:

  • To enrich the lives/ experiences of the pupils through trips/ visits/ visitors into school/residential
  • To enrich the lives of children through clubs ie football/ choir/ FUNDA multi skills/ netball
  • To enrich the lives of the children through Forest Schools block sessions x 6 for EYFS and Yr5
  • To fund 5 hours Sure Start per week: School Start x 30 sessions for 2 groups/ Family Support for 7 months/ Readiness for School project
  • For an attendance admin support to target all absence and any persistent absentees and raise attendance to 96%
  • For a TA3 to target behavioural & emotional needs through mentoring/ nurture/ dinnertime behaviour support.
  • To fund breakfast for children who need it
  • 3 x trips for nurture children and enhancing life experiences through baking/ shopping etc
  • IDSS support for/ 2 statement children/ One visually impaired child/ BESD support
  • PRU support for 2 targeted children so learning can be accessed in the classroom
  • Support for 3 x CLA children
  • Pastoral Care from a Chaplain
  • Uniforms/ PE Kits provided where necessary
  • To fund KS1 milk