Click the ParentPay image to make a payment. 

ParentPay is a more convenient and easy way to pay for school meals, trips, after school clubs and much more online.  

We are now a cashless school. To pay for trips, lunches, after school club etc you will have a secure online account, which can be activated using a unique username and password; you will be prompted to change these, and to keep them safe and secure. Your username and password needs to be kept somewhere safe.


 What can I pay for through ParentPay?

                            After School Club 


             School Dinners




      School Trips 





What does ParentPay do?

  • gives you a history of all the payments you have made
  • allows to create a single account login across all your children that attend a ParentPay school
  • shows you all items available for payment relevant to each of your children
  • Even if your child does not pay for school dinners you can still activate your account to pay for trips etc.

How does ParentPay help our school?

  • reduces the administrative time spent on banking procedures
  • keeps accurate records of payments made to every service for every student
  • payments do not bounce
  • offers a more efficient payment collection process, reducing the amount of money held on school premises


I have more than one child at the school does that mean I will have an account for each child?

If you have more than one child at our school or children at another ParentPay school, you can create one single account login for all your children regardless of which school they attend. Please note that a lot of high schools in the area are now using ParentPay.


How do I get started?

School will send you an activation letter containing your activation username and password to enable you to setup your ParentPay account.If you think you have lost your username and password information please call into the school office. 


Who else is using ParentPay?

There are many primary schools now using ParentPay and many local high schools. When your child leaves Sacred Heart in Year 6 if the high school uses ParentPay your child's account will still be activated and all information will transfer to the high school. 

These high schools use ParentPay:


  • Mount Carmel             
  • Hollins       
  • St Christopher’s