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Photo Gallery

Christmas Jumper and Christmas Dinner Day - Friday 11th December 2020

Christmas Craft Afternoon- Friday 4th December 2020

The pupils in Nursery have been practising rolling and crawling with their feet on the ground- Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Year 6 have been making Lego models as part of their Design and Technology - Wednesday 30th November 2020

Something unusual happened in Reception class on Wednesday. Mrs Berry left out a Gingerbread Man biscuit to have with her cup of tea after school. When she came back from lunch, the biscuit had gone. All the children assured her they had not taken it. Jason said "It's a mystery!"  Mrs Berry decided to check the class CCTV and this is what was discovered....The children became detectives for the afternoon and set about finding out what happened to the Gingerbread Man. The children wrote 'Wanted' Posters for the Gingerbread Man. At the end of the day Mrs Berry counted her box of Gingerbread biscuits and we discovered only 1 had gone missing. We quickly ate the rest to stop any more from disappearing!

The pupils in Year 1 were shocked to see the destruction carried out by the 'Evil Pea' from their reading book Supertato- Tuesday 24th November 2020

The pupils in Years 1-6 took part in a special Orienteering activity with Coach Rob- Thursday 12th November 2020

The Pupils in Reception are learning about 'People Who Help us' and enjoyed dressing up as firefighters this week!

We honoured those who had died by making poppies and held a two minute silence during Remembrance Day - Wednesday 11th November 2020

We celebrate Father O'Brien being a priest for 10 years- 1st November 2020

In School childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families- Monday 20th April

In school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families- Wednesday 15th April


In school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families- Tuesday 14th April 

Holy Week (in school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families)- Thursday 9th April

Holy Week (in school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families) - Wednesday 8th April 

Holy Week (in school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families) - Tuesday 7th April

Easter Cross Competition April 2020

Holy Week (in school childcare during COVID19 for critical worker families) - Monday 6th April

Year 5 visit to Waddecar to carry out a river study- Tuesday 10th March 2020

On Tuesday 10th March,  Year 5 went to Waddecar Scout Camp to learn about Rivers. It was a fun and wet day, with lots of rain!  . In the afternoon, the pupils went orienteering around the grounds.

Our 'Dress a potato as a book character' for World Book Day 2020

'West End in Schools' visited to lead Drama Workshops- Thursday 5th March 2020

"The children at Sacred Heart participated in Drama Workshops for World Book Day with every enthusiasm and creativity. Everyone joined in with lots of engagement and they came up with brilliant ideas, especially their ideas for the sequel of 'Fortunately - The Milk'. I loved my day at Sacred Heart and the lively, kind and creative children." 

Lucy Allen (West End in Schools)

"It was fun and exciting- Aliza

"It was really fun and I'd love to do it again"- Hendrix

"I thought that she was an amazing actress"- Amina J

"It was fun and I would like to do it again"- Bartek

Year 5 enjoyed their PE session with Coach Rob as they went outside and learnt to play different positions in netball- Thursday 5th March 2020

It's a Villain!! Wednesday 4th March

Today the Reception children helped to track down 1 of 3 villains in the outdoor area...the Evil Geese! With the help of a note from Super Duck and an antidote in hand once they tracked him down they made him explode! The children were fascinated in the changes they saw and couldn't stop talking about the villain they made explode.


The Eco Team visited Mount Carmel RC High School for an Eco Day as part of the Catholic School's Cluster- Wednesday 5th March 2020

Pendle Hill- Year 6

We walked up Pendle Hill today, March 3rd 2020. 16300 steps, 6 miles and experienced snow, rain, wind and sunshine. The children excelled themselves both in grit and determination and behaviour. Look  through our photo gallery to see the extremes of weather, the mishaps had by some but most of all the smiles on the children's faces which make it all worthwhile.

The Eco Team worked with Mr S Burrows from the Laudato  Si to make special bat and bird 'Bob Boxes' that they will be selling in the school and local community- Monday 2nd March 2020

Steve Burrows from the Laudato Si led a special assembly about 'Caring for our Common Home' - Monday 2nd March 2020

Year 2 went to visit 'Bring Your Wellies'- Friday 28th February 2020

Your children did really well when they came on their school trip, they were well behaved and were engaged throughout, despite the very distracting and torrential rain.

All the best

Kind Regards


 Rural Outdoor Education that's fun,
and proper birthday parties like they used to be!

Melissa & Nigel Peter,
'Bring Yer Wellies',

Father O'Brien led the pupils in Key Stage 1 and Year 3 in a Lenten Liturgy - Friday 28th February 2020

The pupils in Years 4-6 visited St Mary's RC Church for Ash Wednesday with other local schools- Wednesday 26th February 2020

The Whole school (from Nursery to Year 6) performed as part of a 'Rights of the Child' Assembly- Friday 14th February 2020

Macbeth- Year 6 English

The pupils have been reenacting scenes from Macbeth. In this scene Macbeth is told he cannot be killed until Birnam Wood moves. The army go and take branches so it looks like the forest is moving. At the end they take up arms.

We had a lot of fun at the disco- Thursday 13th February 2020

Year 5 went to Mount Carmel RC High School as part of an enrichment programme and made creatures with moving parts!- Wednesday 12th February 2020

Father O'Brien led a special mass about Our Lady of Lourdes - Wednesday 12th February 2020

The Life Education Tent came to visit- Tuesday 11th February 2020

"Thank you first of all for a fantastic couple of days. Me and Harold have felt very welcome, meeting lots of happy people who came to do a session in our life education life space. The pupils have been very responsive and the Key Stage 2 pupils remembered the sessions from the past fondly and wanted to see Harold! Take care and see you soon." Steven and Harold the Giraffe.

Janet and Ian from Guide Dogs for the Blind came into school to talk to us about the job guide dogs do to help people- Monday 10th February

"I thought it was a good assembly. The dog listened to the instructions"- Roha

"I liked when the dog followed the lady and was very helpful"- Julia

"The guide dogs help the blind to go around the cars!"- Rumaisa


Reception Class  started with the next step in the 'Tots on Tyres' programme. The children took part in 'Learn to ride' where they went outside and transferred from a balance bike to a pedal bike. By the end of the 4 sessions most children in the class were able to confidently ride on a bike on their own! - 



 A new look play area in Church Kirk is already proving popular with local children, with youngsters enjoying lots of new equipment there, including an exciting aerial runway and a large side to side swinging rope. There’s also a climbing frame and an overhead rotator, along with swings, a basket swing and an interactive snakes and ladders game for family fun.

Pupils from the Sacred Heart Primary School in Church are already fans of the large swinging rope, which provides a centre piece within the play area and is the first of its kind in Hyndburn. It can be used by several children at once and swings back and forth like a pirate ship at a theme park. The 30m cableway is also proving to be popular with pupils from the school and other local children. Snakes and ladders have also been marked on the ground so families can have some interactive fun during their visit too.

Mrs Welch, Acting Head Teacher of Sacred Heart RC Primary School, said; “This new look play area is already proving a huge hit with our pupils, especially the large swinging rope and the aerial runway. It’s a great facility for the whole Church community.”

Councillor Paul Cox, Cabinet Member for Parks, said; “The play area in Church Kirk has been used by many children over the last twelve years, since it was last improved. When the new houses were built it was important to use some of the funding secured to invest in a new play area for local children, so it’s fantastic that this new facility is being enjoyed by so many families now. 

The Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum, working closely with Hyndburn Council’s Parks Team, secured a grant from the Lancashire Environmental Fund for £30,000, with Hyndburn Council providing the remainder of the funding. 

Cath Holmes, of the Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum, said; “It is nice to see a wonderful new play area at Church Kirk for the local community to enjoy. We are once again pleased to work with Hyndburn Borough Council to help improve the parks and open spaces in Hyndburn and thank you to the Lancashire Environmental Fund for their support locally.”

Class 1 assembly about being special and unique- 'Odd Socks' - Wednesday 5th February 2020

Parental comments:

"Very well put together. The kids looked like they had loads of fun. The singing was beautiful"

"Thank you for a great performance and the teachers for working hard with children. "- Jakub's Mum

"Absolutely amazing! Fantastic that the children are learning that everyone's different and there is nothing wrong with that!"

"Well presented and I was amazed how the children have learnt sign language and they sang so beautifully! Thanks to all the teachers for their hard work"- Greta's Mum

"Thank you for preparing our children. The performance was great. Good job!"

""Wonderful, love the singing"- Emily's Great Grandma

"Fantastic singing and sign language, So proud of you all!"- Lexi's Mum, Dad and Grandad

"I think year 1 have learnt about how everyone is special and different"

"Brilliant, enjoyed it, well done for such a thoughtful assembly"- Iman-Noor's Mum

"I love how there is always powerful statements made in every assembly. The children were fantastic. " Hassan's Mum

"Beautiful singing"

"Showing love for each other it helps to build confidence in themselves. Also this is how life is. Well done"- Safaa's family

"Wonderful assembly! A credit to Mr Whitaker. The song and singing moved me to tears. Beautiful"- Ellie- Grace's Mum

"Proud!"- Phillip's family

"Loved how the children learn sign language, it was really moving. Thank you."- Tia's Mum

The pupils in Reception Class showed their parents and the whole school  their Chinese Dragon Dances- Friday 31st January 2020

"The children did a great performance for the Chinese New Year. I enjoyed it."

"It was wonderful and fun"- Annalyse's Mum

"Great effort from the children and teachers to learn about the Chinese New Year. Well done. "- Zak's Mum

"It was nice to see the whole class doing it together and what they learnt"- Calvin's Mum

"The assembly was brilliant, something different but fun!"- Olivia G's Mum and Grandma

"Very well planned and the children behaved as they should"

"Great, very well done"

"Really good at doing their Chinese New Year's Dance"- Olivia T's Mum

"Amazing performance from the whole of the reception class. Well done everybody"- Elsie's Mum

"Myself and Ella's Dad really enjoyed the assembly. All the children did amazing with their singing, moving and listening. Thank you very much for a wonderful performance"- Ella's Mum and Dad

'Dress as a Bible Character' Day winners - Friday 31st January 2020

Years 5 & 6 performed as part of Young Voices 2020 - Thursday 30th January 2020

The pupils in the After School Club enjoyed making their own pizzas! - Wednesday 29th January 2020

Class 2 led a special assembly about Chinese New Year - Wednesday 29th January 2020

" Year 2 did very well in the play all they children worked hard. Taymullah said his line well."- Taymullah's Mum

"Year 2 play was good, they did well explaining about the Chinese New Year."

"Very nicely presented. I loved how they all knew their lines"

"Year 2 spoke loud and clear and sang wonderfully"- Madison's Mum

"Beautiful singing, all the kids did fab. Great listening and learning about other cultures."

"I think it was a very good assembly"

"I think it was great"- Jakub's Mum

"The children did fantastic with their lines"- Mrs Briggs

"Really fantastic to see the children learning about different cultures. I think these activities build confidence also".

"The children did fab and my girls were excited and asked lots of questions about China at home"- Millie and Grace's Mum

"I think Year 2 did extremely well, very confident and bright. They did brilliantly talking about Chinese New Year!"

"Really enjoyed the performance. Well done to the children and teachers."

Year 5 Design and Technology Enrichment at Mount Carmel RC High School- Wednesday 29th January 2020

The pupils in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to participate in an inter school 'Excited for English' quiz- January 2020

The pupils in Reception Class are learning to ride balance bikes with 'Tots on Tyres' 

Just a quick note to say what a great 4 days working with the reception children and staff. 
The children showed some great skills and really engaged with the programme and we look forward to seeing them progress onto pedal bikes over the coming weeks. 
Many thanks 
Hugh Doyle NSIT, Pennine Active. 

Holocaust Memorial Day - Monday 27th January 2020

"The pupils responded really well in our workshop on Holocaust Memorial Day. They were keen to share their respect for each other and the communities they lived in. One pupil came to me at the end of the session to ask how she could stop anything like the Holocaust from happening again- Heartfelt and honest" - Seb Smith (Lancashire Ethnic Minority Gypsy Roma and Traveller Achievement Service)


"Thank you for inviting us in today, we had a lovely time. We worked in both Year 5 and 6. The children were very well behaved, welcoming and interested in the sessions. It was clear that they had discussed the PSHE elements and practiced them too. It was the same in the whole school assembly. Thank you again. Sam Hoban (Lancashire Ethnic Minority Gypsy Roma and Traveller Achievement Service)

The pupils in Reception Class made pizzas at Monte Christo!- Friday 24th January 2020

Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils participated in a Interschool Sports Festival - Thursday 23rd January 2020

Our School Council attended the opening of Church Street Park with Councillors Lorraine Cox, Jean Battle and the Deputy Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council Mr Paul Cox- Thursday 23rd January 2020

Class 4 led a special assembly about Martin Luther King and the right of freedom- Wednesday 22nd January 2020

"Year 4 have done us all proud, very well behaved and clear voices. Overall the message they portrayed has been given clearly. Very well done. Managed fantastically"- Amina's Mum

"Year 4 did such a fantastic job with reading, from team work skills to theme singing. I can see the effort put in by Mrs Harling and the kids' confidence levels showed"- Yusuf's Mum

"It was really fantastic. We enjoyed it a lot. It's all your teachers' efforts. Thanks to building up confidence in children to organise such an assembly and teach them about history"- Eeshal's Mummy

"Today's assembly was very good. It teaches us a lesson to live all together without separation of nations, colour, rich and poor. Good. Well done".

"Assembly was amazing. It highlighted an important aspect of society, discrimination and equality."

"The children did very well. Well done Class 4"- Donna Whalley

"I thought it was very well thought out and had lots of information within it."- Caleb's auntie

"Very well organised and the children did brilliant"- Mrs Briggs

"Year 4 were brilliant. Well done! Hendrix has enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King Jr and all the wonderful things he did for people!"- Hendrix's Mum

"It was really lovely. All the children are great. Well done"- Lena's Mum

Some of our special 'Rights of the Child' displays

Year 5 continue to develop their sporting skills with Accrington Stanley Football Club- Tuesday 21st January 2020

Class 3 led a special assembly about their Talents- Wednesday 15th January 2020

"I think it was great and wonderful"- Keira

"I think it was a very good class assembly but it can improve maybe actions and voice  should improve but every other thing is great"- Yusuf

"I thought that it was a lovely show and there was some fantastic reading"- Princess

"Absolutely fabulous Year 3 play. The children all performed brilliantly as always- love it!"- Ethan's Mum

"I really liked their assembly and they did a really good job and learn new things every day. Well done everyone"- Subhan's Mum

"The reading was really well done and the play as a whole was excellent"- Lexani's Dad

"Fantastic performance. It is refreshing to see Jesus at the heart of an assembly"- Grace's Mum

Class 5 worked with Accrington Stanley Football Club- Tuesday 14th January 2020

We presented Mrs Wood (Site Supervisor) with her long service award for 20 years of service within Lancashire County Council. She chose a chest freezer as a gift and will also receive an extra day off in thanks for all her hard work! - Friday 10th January 2020

Our 'Bronze Reading Award' winners who have read their home reading book at least 3 times each week for a term! - Friday 10th January 2020

The Feast of the Epiphany Mass with Father O'Brien- Wednesday 8th January 2020

We are all learning about 'The UN Rights of the Child' this half term. The pupils in Year 6 have been thinking about their own voice. - Tuesday 7th January 2020

Accrington Stanley FC came into school to work with Year 5- Tuesday 7th January 2020

"I enjoyed feeling for my heart beat because when i ran, it was faster"- Duah

"I really enjoyed the lesson. Josh is the best football coach I have had. It was great fun"- Lee

"I liked this lesson. I enjoyed learning how to play new games"- Zuzia

Mass with Father O'Brien- Thursday 19th December 2020

Christmas Lunch - Wednesday 18th December 2019

We all enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner made by our talented kitchen staff. 

Year 5 &6 Santa Dash at Wilson Playing Fields- Tuesday 17th December 2019

Enter text...

Pupil responses to the Key Stage 2 Santa Dash at Wilson Playing Field- Tuesday 17th December 2019.

"Dear Mrs Berry,

Today was so much fun, especially when we were on the running track. It was so much fun because it got me energised. I loved the dancing station because we got to run around and clap. I also liked the dance station because it was fun even though it was cold! The singing station I loved because I loved the Christmas songs. Also, before I forget, I loved playing the cookie jar game. Also Thank you for coming and Merry Christmas!"- Amy (5

The Santa Dash experience was a very enjoyable experience. I am so glad we got the chance to do it even though it was perishing! – Ellie

The Santa dash was tough and fun. It was very, very cold. I did not like it but then I won a Santa medal. I was going to win!- Sophia

Taking part in the Santa dash was an amazing experience. I loved running and all the encouragement was brilliant- Lydia

I enjoyed the running at the Santa dash mostly. It was amazing!- Aidan

The Santa dash isn’t such a clash! I loved it so much. I so enjoyed the dancing and singing!- Annalise

It was so amazing. I loved to sing Christmas songs and dancing. I wish I could go there again. – Emi

The Santa dash was really fun. I enjoyed the singing, dancing and running! – Ewelina

It was an enjoyable and fun experience. Never give up and keep going. – Inayah

I enjoyed it and it tested my abilities. Never stop running and carry on!-

I loved the Santa dash because you had 3 enjoyable stations which were singing, dancing and running!- Xanthe

I enjoyed the Santa dash because I ran 160m and you learnt how to run and dance. On the run you need to run four laps of the track. On the singing you get a slip and read the line and sing it. On the dance you have six people at the front and they teach you the dance- Toby

All our class enjoyed the Santa dash because we won Christmas medals- Ruby

I enjoyed the Santa dash because it was really fun and I got to hang around with my friends- Jasmine

I loved this activity because I beat Toby and Kasim!- Azaan

I really enjoyed the Santa dash because I managed to beat Azaan! – Wojciech

I really enjoyed the Santa dash because when we were running and I got tired someone would always help me!- Humaira

The Santa dash was amazing but tiring. The singing and dancing were very enjoyable. If I had a choice I would go back again!- Madison

Dear Mrs Berry, I have enjoyed the Santa dash and I really like singing and dancing. I was ok with the sprinting but it was 4 metres. I still enjoyed it all the way- Amana

Everything about the Santa dash was amazing: the choir, the dance routines and of course the race! We all got a chance to win a medal.- Peaches

I really like how if you kind of gave up, people would motivate you and run around until you felt ready to run again- Sana

I really enjoyed it. It was amazing. My favourite was the singing. We got to sing lots of songs. I would like to go again. – Caoimhe

I really enjoyed the Santa dash because it has three different parts what you can participate in like singing, dancing and running. I also enjoyed it because you can lose some of your weight- Zain

It was amazing. I loved the running. It could have been longer! – Sophie-Jo

You need to dance and sing with people and you have to run. - Deano

Year 1 & 2 Inter School Kurling- Monday 16th December 2019.

As part of their topic on 'People Who Help us' Reception Class have been learning about Postal Workers. On Monday 16th December the children took their special envelope to the postbox and posted it home. They can't wait to see when it comes through their door!

Our Christmas Fair- Friday 13th December 2019

Year 4 , 5 and 6 Mass at St Mary's Church with St Oswald's RC Primary School and St Mary's RC Primary School- Friday 13th December 2019

The Choir sang at Hollin Bank House and Mount Carmel Catholic School's Choir Concert- Thursday 12th December 2019

Year 4 Ukulele Assembly - Wednesday 11th December 2019

Year 1 & 2 "Hey Ewe" Nativity - Tuesday 10th December 2019

Pennine Active Level 3 Bikeability- Tuesday 10th December 2019

"The 10 participants were a credit to the school and conducted themselves in a fantastic way. We endured some really tough weather conditions which were handled without any complaint and with good cheer. The afternoon was spent on an interactive theory session that all showed a really good understanding of road positioning and priority. Well done to all, it was a pleasure to attend your school." Hugh Doyle (NSIT- Pennine Active)

The Football Team performed well at Accrington Academy as part of the Inter School's league- Monday 9th December 2019

We loved meeting our special visitor today- Lightning the reindeer! - Friday 6th December 2019

The School Choir sang at the Bank St Light Switch on- Thursday 5th December 2019

The GIFT Team led THE whole school assembly- Wednesday 4th December 2019

The Choir sang with other school choirs in Accrington Market Hall- Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Interfaith Exhibition- Friday 29th November 2019

We asked our parents what they had enjoyed about the exhibition.

Our Parents said....

"The children were very knowledgeable talking about the different religions. It was obvious they had fun learning. The different range of activities the children had completed was really interesting"- M Brown

"Amazing work by everyone"- L Fraser

"It is nice that the children believe in religion. The Kids have lots of fun learning about different countries- J Berryman

"Everyone (students) are very knowledgeable about the religion. It is nice to see kids participate regardless of the religion they believe in. The kids are fabulous."- L Salazar 

"Learning about all the different work the school have been doing"- T Sharpe

"I learnt about new religions!"- Shameem

"Looking at all the hard work all the children have done. Very creative!"- R Coates

"Seeing how proud and passionate the children are about their work. Great to see the effort the children have gone to"- M Gibson

"Seeing my son's learning"- S Olszewska

"Everybody's art work. Very creative!"- W Trella

"Looking at what everyone has done. Very well done!"- L Dand

"We enjoyed learning about different religions. All the children have tried really hard"- Alisha and Clare (former pupils)

The pupils in the Nursery have been learning about Christianity and in particular the story of Noah and the Ark - Monday 25th- Friday 29th November 2019

Coach Rob supported the Year 3 and 4 pupils during an Interschool Dodgeball competition- Thursday 28th November 2019

Year 1 have been learning about Islam this week

Zishan Abid (Headteacher at the Raza Academy) came into school to talk to pupils about the Muslim Faith- Thursday 28th November 2019

"It was an absolute please to visit your school for collective worship. The children were very well behaved and a credit to all the staff at Sacred Heart. Keep up the great work!" 

Zishan Abid   Headteacher at the Raza Academy

Ann Angel from 'Religious Education for Schools' came to speak to the pupils about the Jewish Faith. She then worked closely with Years 2 and 5 to help them find out more about Judaism - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Olympian Danny Purvis visited the school and inspired us to reach for our own goals- Tuesday 26th November 2019

Year 4 went to visit the Raza Jamia Masjid Mosque- Monday 25th November 2019

"I really liked the trip because they showed us what it looks like (the mosque) and showed us everything like when they tell people to come to the mosque and pray, where they pray, where girls pray and where boys do. I think it was the best trip of my life. I wish I could go there again"- Nadia

Year 2 had a visit from Lancashire Fire Service as part of their 'Fire, Fire Topic'- Monday 25th November 2019

Year 5 & 6 visit to Queen Street Mill for a 'Victorian Christmas' - Monday 25th November 2019

Year 1 went to visit the Raza Jamia Masjid Mosque- Monday 25th November 2019

Year 5 visit to Brave Church- Friday 22nd November 2019

We are very proud of our Year 5 and 6 pupils who took part in an Inter schools Mad4Maths Quiz- Thursday 21st November 2019

Father O'Brien came in to Year 5 to talk to the pupils about Marriage during their RE lesson - Thursday 21st November 2019

Year 5 have been learning to play hockey with Coach Rob- Thursday 21st November 2019

Mass for Holy Souls with Father O'Brien - Wednesday 20th November 2019

We have created some wonderful winter themed displays using the children's English and Art skills! 

We managed to complete the Aldi 'Kits for schools' challenge. Fingers crossed that we win the £20,000 prize! 

The GIFT Team met up with other GIFT Teams from local schools. The children made crosses and then took these to different stations linked to Jesus. The children also decorated pebbles and used these in a short liturgy at the end of the session. - Wednesday 13th November 2019

Year 5 Science Enrichment at Mount Carmel RC High School- Wednesday 13th November 2019

Year 5 Assembly- Wednesday 13th November 2019

The pupils In Years 2-6 went to visit different films at Vue Cinema as part of the 'Into Film Festival' 

Monday 11th November - Years 5 & 6 went to watch 'A dog's way home'

Tuesday 12th November - Year 2 went to see 'The missing link'

Wednesday 13th November- Years 3 & 4 watched 'Wonderland'.

"It was a treat to go to the cinema"- Elizabeth 

"The film was called Wonderland. I liked the part when the pig was shouting at the girl."- Raees

"The visit to the cinema will help me with my learning and writing."- Tomek

"I liked it when the little girl's Mum came back because everyone was happy and it made wonderland again".- Yusuf


Reception Class visit to Accrington Fire Station- Tuesday 12th  November 2019

Remembrance Day Displays

Some members of Our School Council who are doing a fantastic job selling items for the Poppy Appeal. They even sold items to our school advisor! - Thursday 7th November 2019

We may have enjoyed the fireworks but the little visitor we had in our school today certainly did not and was quite frightened when we found him on the school playground this morning! We contacted the RSPCA and he is now being looked after at a local sanctuary - Wednesday 6th November 2019

Year 1 went to visit Manchester Museum of Science and Industry - Tuesday 5th November 2019

The pupils In Year 5 visited Mount Carmel RC High School as part of a Science Enrichment Programme - Tuesday 5th November 2019

"I enjoyed it when we lit the Bunsen burner because when you turned the dial the flame changed colour" - Safa

"I enjoyed looking at the different solids, liquids and gases in the test tubes"- Edie-Rose

"I sorted the images into solids, liquids and gases. Some were a little tricky."- Eryk

Inter school Netball League- Monday 4th November 2019

We enjoyed our visit from 'The Bethany Project'- Monday 4th November 2019

"The children from 'The Bethany Project' told us about how lucky we are to have celebrations, family and school. The sang and danced amazingly"- Wojtek 

"I loved the dancing and singing and the teacher told us all about 'The Bethany Project'- Jamie

"I appreciate that they shared their stories of the past with us. Thank you for being an amazing example to the little ones for them to be grateful for everything they have."- Xanthe

"They were really inspiring and showed that they really appreciate the things that they have"- Peaches

"The assembly this morning was absolutely amazing, as a singer I really did think the children singing was both moving and beautiful. It is the best assembly I have attended."

 Anthony Flanagan (Governor)

Pupils in Year 3 made Design and Technology Topic Projects- Friday 1st November 2019

Welcome Back Mass - Wednesday 30th October 2019

Inter-schools Football Tournament - Monday 14th October 2019

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon with raised £136.88 - Friday 27th September 2019

Father O'Brien came to bless each of our classes- Friday 27th September 2019

Our first Mass of the school year led by Father O'Brien - Wednesday 18th September 2019

Year 6 PGL Assembly- Tuesday 16th September 2019

Roald Dahl Day Prize Winners- Friday 13th September 2019