Young Voices 2019

We had the privilege of attending this event again this year. On Tuesday 12th February 2019, Mrs Thomas, Mr Bentley, Mrs Whitaker, Mrs Gowers, Mrs K Parkinson and Mrs H Parkinson along with 55 children set off to the MEN Arena. We enjoyed practising, during the afternoon, with nearly 8000 other children from schools across the North of England. Scroll through the pictures and try and find your superstar.

Young Voices

Children from Year 5 and 6 took part in the Young Voices Choir at the MEN Arena on Tuesday 23rd January 2018. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Here are some quotes from a few of the children, Caira, "It was the best time ever." Rehan, "it was a beautiful night singing and dancing." Emmie, "We watched people dancing and singing on the stage." Akeel, "It was awesome and life changing, changing our perspective of music and dance." Lacey, "It was a great experience and we learnt a lot of different dance moves."

The children had been practising for a few months in preparation for taking part in a choir of 5584 children from primary schools across the North West.

Scroll through the photographs and videos, see if you can spot your child and see the excitement on their faces. Some of the photographs were taken during the afternoon rehearsal, whilst others were during the evening performance.

A video of the rehearsal in the afternoon with The M4GNETS who are vocal harmony stars featuring the finest vocal and beatboxing talent that the British acappella scene and London’s West End have to offer. With songs like 'Kyrie Elesion' to look forward to, The M4GNETS are excited to make their first YV debut! 

Here we are rehearsing . . . 

Alfie Sheard isn't your usual artist. At only 16 it would be easy to assume his journey has only just started, but it's been a long road to get to where he is now. Specialising in acoustic guitar, we are excited to bring an artist to YV that is the same age as our choir - providing incredible inspiration. Here he is performing for us.

Here we are singing the Castle on a Hill

I'm sure the children have made life time memories from this experience. Looking forward to 2019!