Visitors and Trips

Waddow Hall

Year 5 Trip to Gazegill Organic Farm, Gisburn

We had a wonderful trip to the farm this week where we saw, stroked and fed pigs, piglets, lambs and calves.  We also visited the milking parlour to find out how cows are milked.  We tasted some delicious homemade ice cream after our lunch and taste tested a variety of herbs and plants in the poly tunnels.  Some tasted better than others!  In school, this will be followed up by using some of the ingredients grown on the farm to make a delicious meal.

Reception Trip to Imagine That!


The children had a fantastic time on their class trip to Imagine That! in Liverpool.  The children spent the morning in the science area where they explored lots of different science activities including the giant bubble and the water area.  The children made slime and bath bombs and thoroughly enjoyed watching the science show where they saw a volcano explode, several different types of bubbles and made a cork fly across the room. After a lovely picnic lunch the children explored the imagination village where they dressed up in different costumes, explored the diner, theatre and shop to name but a few.  The children also enjoyed painting the giant car and making magnets in the art area. 


Year 5 Trip to Cuerden Valley

What a wonderful day we had  - the sun was shining which made for a great day outdoors.  In the morning,  we went panning for Quartz and tested how fast the river the was flowing by timing how long it took for 2 ducks to travel 5m! Pond dipping was next. The children had to paddle in the water and kick-start the river bed to wake up the creatures so we could identify what lived there.  After lunch, the sun came out as we navigated our way around the park looking for the letters which would eventually spell out a word - Kingfisher!  We had great fun reading our maps and working out where each one was - some back-tracking needed in some areas - we were determined to succeed!


Class 3 Eureka Trip

Class 3 visited Eureka in March 2017 and loved their visit they took part in exciting science experiments and learnt all about the human body.

Young Voices 2017

Year 5 and 6 took part in Young Voices on 2nd February 2017. Another wonderful experience for the children to enjoy. Take a look at the photos of the afternoon rehearsals and evening performance.

Reception's Walk around the Local Area

 Our topic this half term is 'The Local Area.'  To inspire the children we went on a walk along Blackburn Road on Monday afternoon. The children noticed lots of features of the buildings they passed and talked about what the shops were called and what they sold. On the way back into school we stopped in The MilkyBar for some milkshakes. The children had to line up and wait their turn, then they paid for their milkshake with their 50p. The milkshakes  were delicious! 



Year 5 Trip to Astley Hall

On Friday 9th December, Year 5 spent the afternoon at Astley Hall learning about 'A Very Victorian Christmas'.  We made a Victorian Christmas Card, saw some Victorian toys children would have received for Christmas, help make some Griddle cakes and played some Victorian Games.  These were a firm favourite and included a game called 'Hunt the Shoe'!

Monday 28th November


As we are now in the run up to Christmas, we had a special treat for all of the children (and adults). We were lucky enough to have a theater company come into school and perform 'The Clock-maker's Christmas'. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and definitely helped to put us in a festive mood.


Friday 11th November

As part of our mini topic on Bonfire night at the beginning of the term, the Reception children visited Hyndburn Fire Station on Tuesday 8th November. The children met Firefighter Dave and he showed them around the fire engine and spoke about the different pieces of equipment on it.  The children watched as the first fire engine left the fire station and they looked at the automatic doors.

Mrs Berry was then dressed up as a firefighter before some of the children had a go at dressing up as firefighters and trying on helmets. The children looked around the fire station, they looked in the dorms and sat on the chairs in the mess room.