The children learnt about the artist Piet Mondrian who was an artist born in the Netherlands in 1872. He originally painted landscapes but then created geometric abstract pieces with primary colours (red, yellow and blue).  


The children looked at a variety of different Mondrian paintings and talked about the shapes and colours that they could see.  They talked about whether or not they liked the pictures or not.  Some children did, some children didn't!

The children explored a variety of media to create pictures in a Mondrian style. This included acrylic paints on canvas, lego, glitter, felt tips, pencil crayons and collage. The children used the paint program to create Mondrian style prints. All of these were in the famous rectangle outline. To take a modern twist on it and linking it to our school the children were able to paint heart shaped Mondrian pictures.


Below are pictures of the children working hard on their different Mondrian pictures.