Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a famous American artist who invented a new way of painting called Action painting.

He dripped paint onto a large canvas on the floor. It was called Action painting because Pollock would move very quickly across the painting, dribbling the paint in long, wobbly lines. Sometimes he threw the paint onto the canvas and some of his paintings still have footprints on them where he stepped in the paint.

Pollock was born in 1912 in Wyoming in America. When he was eighteen he moved to New York and trained as a mural painter. This meant he was used to working on a very large scale and so the idea of painting on a big canvas didn’t scare him at all.

Pollock was a member of the Abstract Expressionist group, these were young New York artists who made paintings that were non-representational, meaning they didn’t look like anything. Instead, they tried to show emotions, like happiness or anger.

Marble Painting

First, the children immersed a marble in paint. They placed the marble into a tray with a piece of paper covering the bottom. Next, the children rolled the marble about. The process was repeated using different colours of paint.


Elastic Band Painting

The children placed elastic bands over a box containing paper. Next they used a paint brush to cover the elastic bands in plastic. The fun then began as the children twanged the elastic bands causing splashes and splodges to appear on the paper.


String Painting

Pieces of string were attached to a lolly string and then immersed into different pots of different colours. The children used the string to make patterns either by placing the string onto the paper or whipping the strings. They made beautiful patterns on their papers and also all over the Year 4 wall and ceiling.


Utensil Painting

The children used pipettes, whisks, toothbrushes, straws, dabbers and spoons to create their artwork.


Pad Painting

The children scooped different coloured paint onto makeup pads. They then turned the pads over and smashed them with their fists creating beautiful patterns.


Recreating Jackson Pollock Artwork

The children went outside to get messy and create artwork as Jackson Pollock would have done. They had fun squirting paint from the bottles and using sieves to make splodges. You can still see evidence of their artistic achievements on the Year 4 patio.