Previous PGL Fun!


On Friday 12th September 2014 Mrs Whitaker, Mrs Gowers and Mrs Hindle took 21 children on the Year 6 annual residential trip to Winmarleigh Hall near Preston for the weekend. The children (and staff might I add!) had an absolutely fantastic time. They were exhausted when they returned on Monday 15th September but full of enthusiasm and stories of their adventures. Below are some photographs showing a little of what the children got up to and a few accounts from the children themselves.



"On Sunday September 14th 2014 I got woke up by Connor saying, '' Get up Kyle!'' it was the third day at PGL.

After Connor woke me up the people in my room took a shower. The people in my room was: Connor, Hamza and Nabi. We all was going to take a shower but there was no time for me to take one because Nabi took to long. After that I had to get changed very quickly so that we could go for breakfast, Mrs Gowers and Mrs Whittaker waited for me to get changed but Mrs Hindle wandered off for her breakfast. Finally we got to the dining room and got our breakfast, I got toast, bacon yogurt and cereal for my breakfast.

Then we all went back to our room to brush our teeth, me, Nabi, Connor and Hamza didn't just brush our teeth we try the EVIL LISTERINE MOUTHWASH!! When I tried I spat it out after having it in my mouth for a few minutes, it was like an alien invasion in my mouth! After that we got straight to the first activity. Our school got split up into two groups, I was in Jackdaws. The Jackdaws went to the Giant swing first and the Iguanas went on Multi vine first. When we got to the Giant swing the instructor Martin said choose a partner that will go the same height as you, I picked Hamza. unfortunately me and Hamza did not go first but we went second to last. When the first pair went they did not know what was going to happen, Martin said to the first,'' Pull the string behind you.'' The first pair was Summer and Emily. They did not know what was going to happen so they just pulled the string and set off with a scream. I felt sorry for them because they did not know what was going to happen when they pulled the rope. Suddenly it was mine and Hamza's turn, me and Hamza went the highest in our group because we went right to the top. It was scary because I realized how high I was when I got to the top, then Hamza pulled the string that snapped the elastic band attaching us to a metal pole. There was so much pressure that I felt like my eyes were going to pop out, everybody was laughing at me because of that but at the end I felt a bit better although I had a giant wedgie.

When all of the people in my group had a turn on the Giant swing including MRS Whittaker and MRS Gowers, Jackdaws swapped with Iguanas so that we could do Multi vein. When we saw the height of the second multi vein Mrs Whittaker  told us that if we went to the top she would give us an extra biscuit. The order of people going on Multi vine is the backwards order from the Giant swing so that meant I was fourth on Multi vein."      



"On Friday 12th September 2014 we was getting ready for PGL. We.We left at 2:30 and we came back at 2:30 on Monday 15th September 2014. Emily was my partner on the coach. We was going Winmarleigh hall. We stayed at a little house called patten house, we also met our groupy called Freya. Freya told us were we were sleeping Mrs Gowers got very exited at this point. I shared a room with Jessica, Nicola and Maja. Our room number was 404 . It was a very nice room. It had 2 bunk beds one at the window at the far side and one at the right hand side. When we had made our beds Freya took us to look around PGL. i was exited to go on the zip line because it looked really cool when Riley had gone on it the year before.Now it is time for tea. We had fish and chis and a choice of salad . Next it was time to play ambush i was in iguanas and Jessica was with me in my group. We lost the game of ambush 4 times and the other group (jackdaws) won it  because they were way much better than us at ambush. After ambush we went to watch a film at the biggest house.Before we watched the film we went to get our pyjamas on.  The film was ice age. Best time of night time to go to sleep!!!!                                                                     

On Saturday we got up with Mrs Whittaker saying " time to get up and don't forget to have a shower ". So we got up and had a shower. Then it was breakfast we had  a choice of sausages,tomatoes, toast, beans, bacon and mushrooms. After that we went to the trepeze only climbed up to the top of the ladders because i was really scared.  Then best of all the zip line. i went first  because Josh turned back and Hamza and Nicola weren't very confident ."

Angel Greenhalgh