Summer 2018

This half term Year 5 have learning all about the Rainforest. This has been achieved through Literacy, Geography, Art and Design Technology.  We are about half way through a book called Journey to the River Seaby Eva Ibbotson. The children are loving it!  We have wrote our own story set in The Rainforest. The basic plotline is that the main character chooses to go on a journey through The Rainforest but they become lost. However, there is a happy ending, I can assure you!

In Geography, we have been using atlases to locate the Rainforest and identify where the main towns and cities are in comparison to the location of The Rainforest.  Discussions have been had regarding the population of Brazil compared to the UK.

Looking at paintings by Henri Rousseau, the children sketched various tyoes of leaves found in The Rainforest.  From this, they created a printing stamp in polystyrene which they rolled paint on to print their leaf. 


Using felt, Year 5 made leaves out of felt and learned how to sew various stitches to make the design.  Here are the results!