Expressive arts and diversity week


This week, the children in Year 4 have been learning about India. The week began with the children taking part in a quiz to find out what country they wold be studying. The children then used atlases to locate the country and find out about its physical features.

On day two, the children found out about an inspirational person from India. They researched Mahatma Gandhi and found out that he protested about apartheid and was sadly shot because of his beliefs.

During the afternoon session, the children found out about the main religion in India, Hinduism. They discovered that Hindus worship in a Mandir (a Hindu temple) and have a main God named Brahma but worship many other forms of him.

Drumming in Year 4

During Wednesday morning, the children had the opportunity to try out their drumming skills. The children used Djembe drums to tap out beats and follow different rhythms. Below are some photos from the session.

Henri Rousseau

The children this week have been researching the French artist Henri Rousseau. They discovered that although Henri painted jungle scenes, he had never visited the jungle and used pot plants to create his jungle scenes.

On Tuesday afternoon, the children used colour mixing to create different tones of greens. They used these colours to form a jungle leaf scene. The children then used the end of their paintbrush to make veins on their leaves and to add more definition. 

During Wednesday afternoon’s session, the children created their own versions of Rousseau’s masterpiece, ‘Tiger in a storm’. The children used different types of papers, foils, cellophane and pastels to create their scenes. Below are some photos taken during the sessions.

Colour mixing jungle leaves

Tiger in a storm collages

Mindfulness exercise

As part of our expressive art week, the school invited Tess into school to show the children how to relax through exercise. The children were shown different poses and thoroughly enjoyed taking part. It was amazing how quiet the children became as the concentrated and relaxed.