Ancient Egypt in Year 4

Class projects

Thank you to all the parents who have helped their children with their Egyptian projects. We have had model houses, hieroglyphics, fact files, poems and even an Egyptian cake!

Take a look below at some of our creations on display.

Year 4 class trip to Blackburn Museum

On Tuesday 7th May, class 4 visited the museum in Blackburn. The children travelled to Blackburn by train and then met up with our guide for the day, Claire.

The children got to see the museum’s mummy before looking at and handling Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Aryaan and Zuzia were then transformed into Egyptian priests so they could perform the mummification process on a dead body.

In the afternoon, the children learnt about bridge building and watched a video about what happens when a bridge is not built correctly. The children were split into groups so they could make a bridgewhich could hold a small toy car.

The children the travelled home by train once more. A good day was had by all. Below are some photos taken during the day.

Ancient Egyptian Reed boats

After learning about the River Nile in Friday's History lesson, the children wanted to find out more about the boats they had read about which transported trade and the dead along the river. The children watched a video about the boats and learnt that they were made from papyrus as wood was not readily available in Egypt and was very expensive to transport from Lebanon . (Papyrus is a reed which grows along the river bank) After watching the video, the children set about making their own version of the Reed boat using art straws and string. The end result will be painted to make it look more realistic but as the children now have sore fingers from tying lots of tight knots this will have to wait until tomorrow.