Summer 2019

Below is the curriculum overview for the first half of the Summer Term.

Walk Like an Egyptian

This half term, the children in Year 4 will be leaning about the Ancient Egyptians. They will find out about their daily lives, the importance of the river Nile and who ruled during this time period. The children will visit Blackburn Museum to discover more about Ancient Egypt. Click on the links below to find out some information about the Ancient Egyptians.

Times Tables Rock Stars

To help the children with their times tables knowledge, the school has subscribed to the TT Rock Star website. The children can take part in rock battles against friends, work on their times tables individually and buy cool accessories with the money they earn. Click on the link below to take you to the site.

Easter hamper winner

Congratulations to Alicja who won the school Easter raffle. She will certainly have lots of sweets to enjoy  and games to play over the long weekend.

St George’s Day celebrations in Year 4

This week, the children at Sacred Heart celebrated St George’s day. The children came into school dressed in red and white and learnt all about St George.

We found out that St George was a Christian Roman soldier who died at the age of 23 when he was beheaded for refusing to give up his faith. 

The children wrote their own version of the story behind St George, made flying paper dragons, designed shields, made biscuits and completed a series of maths problems around the theme of St George.

Below are some photos from the day.

Exciting Friday afternoon.

This Friday the children enjoyed themselves with a series of creative activities. The afternoon began with the children researching where ancient civilisations lived. This was followed by the children creating their own pieces of resurrection art using inspiration from some famous pieces. The children then finished decorating the biscuits they had made earlier in the week. During the celebration of our reading time, the children ate their biscuits whilst watching a film. A lovely afternoon was had by all!

Year 4 win the school’s attendance award

Year 4 were celebrating today because they won the school’s attendance award. As a prize for their achievement, the children had an extra 10 minute play time. Let’s hope we win again next week

Year 4 visit the chicks

Today, Year 4 had the opportunity to visit the newly hatched chicks in the school’s nursery. The children were very excited to see them and have been invited back to see them in a few weeks when the chicks will be a little larger and easier to handle.

Making salt dough in DT

This afternoon, the children in year 4 followed a recipe to make salt dough. The children will use the salt dough to create designs for when they bake bread in the next few weeks. 

Measuring - Weight

This week the children are learning about weight and measures. Today, the children were estimating the weights of different classroom objects before measuring the actual weights using measuring scales. As the lesson progressed, the children became more accurate with their estimates.

Creating different bread designs

Today, the children in Year 4 had fun with the salt dough they made last week creating different shapes and designs for their bread rolls. They recorded their ideas and will use these to make a bread roll next week.

Year 4 celebrate Eid

On Monday 10th June, the children in Year 4 celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid. During the morning, the children found out why their Muslim friends celebrate Eid and discovered how the moon influences when Eid is celebrated. As it was a celebration, the children were allowed to come into school wearing their best party clothes and a party was held during the afternoon. The children also tried different traditional Muslim food. Below are some photos taken during the party.

The Mousehole Cat

The children in Year 4 are currently reading the book, ‘The Mousehole Cat’. The book is about a cat called Mowser and her pet named Tom who set out to tame the Storm-cat and help to save the local villagers from starving.

The Mousehole Cat


This week, the children have been retelling the story using actions they have made up. The children then created storyboards to match the story and allowed them to retell the story independently. See below for some photos taken during our lessons.

There and back again, a river’s tale

The children in Year 4 are currently learning about River during their Geography lessons. They have used digi maps to locate bodies of water in their local area and looked at how the water cycle affects rivers. This week, the children created models of the water cycle using bowls, water and cling film. The children put their investigations outside in the sun and left them to see what would happen. The next day the children that water had dropped into the empty bowl.