Summer 2018

We have been learning all about the Egyptians!  We hope you enjoyed our amazing assembly today :) 


Look below at our attempts at mummification*....

(* No organs were removed during this process)

We had a go at solving a computer code problem in class today.  We didn't use computers, we used our brains, felt tips and pencils!  The problem involved moving objects one at a time to end up with them in a particular position.  We had to communicate and co-operate.

We have been learning about the legend of The Mousehole Cat and had a go at writing our own legends.  We worked together in groups to edit and improve our writing.  Look at the videos to see us hard at work and come back soon to hear one legend read in full!


We have been looking at how rivers are formed and attempted to create our own river channels.  We observed what happened and learnt that water does not always go where we expect it to!