Spring 1 2019


During the half term, the children have been learning how to write a dilemma story based on the Wallace and Gromit story 'A matter of loaf and bread' and wrote persuasive adverts to advertise a new tooth paste. The children really enjoyed the gory side of the Wallace and Gromit stories and couldn't wait to think up ideas of how the could pop off their evil character.


During their science lessons, the children have been learning about their teeth and how the digestive system works. They had great fun creating the digestive system using a pair of tights and some Weetabix. 


During their art lessons, the children have been creating artwork based on fruit. They have sketched a black and white drawing of a pepper using different grades of pencil which they then turned into pottery pieces. They have created chalk pastel pictures and then created a string printing block for them to use in their printing work. Their final piece was to colour mix a still life painting of a bowl of fruit.


During their music lessons, the children have been creating a jingle to go with their advertisement from their English lessons. The children used music from audio network before writing lyrics to match.

Spring 2 


The children have been listening to the story of the Ice Palace. They have created their own characters based on those from the original story and are currently writing up their own version of the Ice Palace story. 


The children are currently learning about a region in a European country. They have so far located Europe and its countries on a map and have just started to look at the country of Germany and how is compares to Great Britain.