Science week 12th - 16th March

On Monday we looked at how to keep our bodies healthy.

We looked at healthy choices and linked our work to what we are studying in PSHE.  We investigated different sorts of sandwiches and even got to test them!

We had World Book Day a little bit late because of the snow but we really enjoyed wearing our pyjamas to school to listen to some bedtime stories.

Spring 2 2018 - Our new unit is 'A Passport to Germany'.


We are looking at the area of Bavaria in Germany.  We have found out about some winter sports that take place there and had a go at building a ski lift!

Mr. Brzostek brought in his ski equipment for the class to try.

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Spring 1 2018


Our Spring 1 topic was all about the digestive system.  We called it....


'From Chewing to Pooing!'


We made models of the digestive system for homework, performed an assembly for our parents and designed, made and tested our own toothpastes!


We could choose different quantities of cornflour, salt, bicarbonate of soda, glycerin and water to make what we thought would be the most effective toothpaste.


Have a look at how our designs turned out...



We came across a few difficulties......


We made a food mixture out of cake, chocolate cornflakes, BBQ sauce, marshmallow, biscuit, fruit bars, sweets and beetroot.  We put this on ceramic egg cups to represent the enamel on our teeth.


Testing them was fun!