Autumn 1 2018


In English this half term, the children have learnt about explanation texts with Wallace and Gromit, wrote an adventure story following the theme of How to train your dragon and learnt the poem, 'The spider and the fly'. Click on the link below to take to to the Spider and Fly poem.

Science and DT

During science and DT, the children have been making circuits to create an alarm. The children made their own versions of switches using paper clips and card.

Autumn 2


During this half term the children have studied the story of the Pied Piper. they have written their own version and also wrote up a news report about the events in Hamelin.

ECO Week

During Eco week the children discovered the effect our rubbish has on the local environment. Every day of the week, the children weighed the amount of waste left over from the lunches and created a graph to display the results. During the week, the children made pencil pots from recycled bottles and wrote a recycling rap.


During the art sessions, the children have been studying skulls. They have together a collage of skull pictures, drawn skulls using white chalk on a black background, used different grades of pencils to create a pencil sketch of a skull and used polystyrene sheets to create a repeated print of skulls. 


the children really enjoyed their current history topic learning all about the Great Plague of London. The children researched how the plague reached Great Britain, how is was passed onto different people, the types of cures people used to rid themselves of the plague and the role of the Plague Doctor during the plague. Click on the link below to find out more about the plague.