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Summer 1

This half term our topic is 'Adventure Tales.'  We will be looking at different stories every week.  During the half term the children will visit forest schools every Thursday.


Friday 25th May

This week the children enjoyed reading the Gurffalo's Child. They retold the story and acted it out in the small world as well writing all about the trick the clever Mouse played on the Gruffalo's Child in the deep dark forest.

At forest schools the children watched as Nicola and Dion lit a campfire! They used a flint to make a spark which set the cotton wool and logs on fire. Dion had to give the fire a good blow to get it started. Once the fire was really high Nicola cooked popcorn in a special pan. We had to listen carefully for the corn kernels going pop! Once the popcorn was cooked we could eat it, it didn't taste like the popcorn at the cinema!

After that we went off to create some art using fabric and natural materials. We turned our pieces of art into flags for class. (Mrs Berry is going to put the flags up on the wall with a forest schools display, come and have a look at them.)

Whilst the children were busy in the forest playing and exploring Nicola and Dion helped us to toast a marshmallow over the fire...they were delicious! We had to be very careful when we were toasting our marshmallow and had to sit in the respect position. We also had to blow the marshmallow 20 times before we ate it so that we didn't burn our mouths.

Friday 18th May

This week the children have loved reading the story 'The Owl Babies.' The children have been acting out the story in the small world area and using the masks in the book corner to read the story to their friend. Whilst on Outdoor provision the children have used natural resources such as twigs, leaves and flowers to make the three owls from the story.

This week at forest school we had 'Welcome Wednesday' and some children brought their Mums along with them. A great time was had by all and the children (and Mums) enjoyed making bird feeders from pine cones, peanut butter and seeds. They also enjoyed using the natural resources of the forest to make a nest for the eggs to keep them safe. After all this hard work the children had a well deserved cup of hot chocolate made by Nicola and Dion on a camp fire using a kelly kettle. It was fab to see Dion light the fire in the forest without using a switch!



Friday 11th May

This week the children have enjoyed reading and learning the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Whilst in class they have retold the story in the small world area and also in the role play area where they had to go through the swishy swashy grass, the deep dark river, the squelchy sqwerchy mud, the forest and the swirling whirling snowstorm before the children found a narrow gloomy cave with a bear inside! The children also retold the story using sensory bottles with grass, water, mud, sticks and snow (cotton wool) inside. At forest schools the children enjoyed going through the forest on a bear hunt. We found the bear, but he was friendly so the children built a den for him! The children worked in 2 groups to make sensory bottles and bags of the story using things from the forest such as grass and sticks.  The groups then ordered the bottles/bags.


This week the children thought about all the things that might grow in the forest and looked carefully at some flowers. They then painted a flower, looking carefully at them and mixing the colours. The flowers are all beautiful and are now displayed in our role play Garden Centre.

Friday 4th May

This week the children were retelling the story of The Stick man by Julia Donaldson.  They enjoyed acting out the story again, both in the small world and role play area as well as making a stick man in the playdough area. The children were very clever and were rewriting parts of the story independently.  At forest schools the children made stick men pictures with paint and sticks, they made stick men with sticks and leaves on the path and finally they made real stick men with sticks and clay.

Friday 27th April

The story the children have been listening to this week is 'The Gruffalo.' They have enjoyed acting out the story in the small world and role play areas as well as reading the story in the book area. The children have made some fantastic Gruffalos using the playdough and loose parts. They have also carefully put prickles on The Gruffalos back using paper clips. The children worked very hard to paint the characters of the story as well as writing descriptive sentences all about the Gruffalo!


During Forest schools this week the children went on a hunt for the Gruffalo! They found the fox, the snake and the owl plus footprints! The children used materials they collected around the forest as well as purple prickles (dyed pineapple leaves) and orange eyes (carrot tops) to make their own Gruffalo picture. The children made Gruffalo crumble, owl ice cream, roasted fox and scrambled snake in the mud kitchen as well as building dens and climbing more trees! In particular they really enjoyed getting messy in the mud!

Friday 20th April

This week we have been looking at Percy the Park Keeper. We read the story 'Owl takes Charge' and thought about all the things owl did wrong!  Our small world area looks amazing and is a forest including lots of stones, pine cones and trees! The children have enjoyed going in the the small world area pretending to be either Percy or one of the other animals in the story and making up their own story about what would happen in Percy's Park.  

This week at forest schools Shaheen and Kate had a selection of animals from the Percy the Park Keeper stories.  As groups we had to work together to build a little den for each creature. We then went on a hunt around the forest looking for different habitat sheets to find out where the animals live and what their homes are called. After this we collected big sticks and different materials such as leaves and grass. With the help from an adult we then made our own paintbrush and painted using mud and dandelions, it was great fun! Forest schools was very cold this week so we are hoping it will be warmer when we return next week..


Friday 21st April

On Thursday morning the children embarked on their first session at forest schools. When the children arrived at forest schools, Nicola and Dion, the forest schools leaders, spoke to them around the fire pit about how to stay safe whilst there. Nicola challenged the children to build a den for some of the animals from the Percy story, they were very imaginative in how they did this!  The children then spent the morning exploring the forest and getting used to their surroundings. 

The staff and children are very much looking forward to their visit next week.