Spring 1



Our topic this half term is 'The Local Area.'  


The children enjoyed their walk around the local area and most importantly enjoyed the visit to the pizza shop. Once back in school the children ate the pizza we bought and then decided we should have a pizza shop.


The children have enjoyed role playing in the pizza shop and acting out stories based around the local area small world using pictures of local shops and also their mini mes. The child read lots of books about pizza making including 'Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) and How to make a Pizza. The children then made their own pizza.


After reading about pizzas the children enjoyed reading the story Oliver's Milkshake. They then thought carefully about how to make a milkshake and made their own milkshake. The children then thought it would be a good idea to make a Milkshake Shop so together we decided what resources would be needed and Mrs Berry put all the things in our new Milkshake shop ready for next half term!


The children have also enjoyed learning to ride a balance bike over the half term whilst completing the course 'Tots on Tyres'.


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