Summer 1 2019

Welcome back after our Easter holidays. This half term we will be learning about growth and lifecycles. For our newsletter and curriculum overview please click here and for home learning ideas please click here. We are planning a sponsored Toddle Waddle on Friday 3rd May - please click here for a link to the letter and sponsor form. 

Visit from Farmer Wellybobs!

Week beginning 6th May - Chicks and 2D shapes

After waiting patiently for 21 days, our chicks have hatched this week! We are so excited! 

In our Big Talk Area we have focused on feelings. We have talked about feelings such as happy, sad, angry, excited and scared. Children have used their mini-mes to indicate how they are feeling each day.

We have also been focusing on 2D shape. Children have used geoboards and elastic bands to make their own shapes. We have also been on a shape hunt around nursery to see how many 2D shapes we could see in our environment. 

Friday 3rd May - EYFS Toddle Waddle

On Friday we held our sponsored Toddle Waddle. We are hoping to raise money for a lamp for our chicks as well as some new outdoor toys. Thank you to all those parents who joined us as we 'waddled' around the MUGA, and thank you to all those children and parents who have been busy getting sponsorships. We will keep you updated about how much we raised and what we have used our money to buy.

Week beginning 29th April - Frogs

This week we had something special in nursery - tadpoles! We loved watching them wiggle about in their tank. The children learned that tadpoles came from frogspawn and grow into frogs.

We have also begun to explore colour mixing. The children mixed their own green paint using yellow and blue paint. They used it to paint a picture of a frog. We also explored colour mixing outside. 

Week beginning 22nd April - Sunflowers

This week we explored the life cycle of a sunflower. We planted our own sunflower seeds and we are excited about seeing them grow. They are on our sunny windowsill and we are remembering to water them everyday. 

Week beginning 15th April - Easter Week

This week we have listened to the story of Easter. We heard how Jesus rode through Jerusalem on a donkey. We retold the story using leaf 'palm branches' and shouting 'Hosanna!'. Then we heard about the Last Supper and how Jesus washed His friends' feet. Mrs Hands washed our feet too! We heard about how Jesus died on a cross, and we realised this was a sad day for Jesus's disciples. We ate hot cross buns. Finally we heard the good news that Jesus rose from the dead. 

We made Easter cards for our families. We used paint and cotton wool buds to decorate egg shapes. We had chocolate playdough which we used to make our own Easter eggs decorated with jewels. We had bunnies and chicks to count in the Maths area. 

Outside we were busy planting peas, sweet peas, strawberry plants and potatoes. 

We made chocolate cornflake cakes. We melted the chocolate and added it to cornflakes, before mixing and filling our bun cases with the mixture.