Spring 1 2019

Welcome back after what we hope was a restful and blessed Christmas break. We would also like to welcome for the first time some new starters - we hope that you settle in quickly and we look forward to getting to know you. Our topic this half term is 'Our Local Area'. Please click here for our Spring 1 newsletter and here for our Topic Overview. In order to help with our children's understanding of our topic and some of the things we will be focusing on in class, we have sent home some 'Home Learning' ideas for our older children. These activities are designed to be fun and enjoyable. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any questions. Please click here and here for an electronic copy of the home learning sheets. 

Week beginning 11th February

We have had a busy week! The children helped to change our bakery into a supermarket. We have been learning that we can use marks to represent numbers through making shopping lists. We have been practising our scissor skills and building our awareness of shapes. We have also been counting the buttons on a gingerbread man and matching the quantity to the numeral using a game on the interactive whiteboard. We have used stick puppets to retell the story of The Little Red Hen that we read together last week. 

Our number rhyme this week has been '5 Current Buns'. We learnt the song together. At the end of the week, we made our own current buns with a cherry on the top!

In RE we heard the story about The Good Samaritan. The children considered how we can show love and kindness to others. We made marble-paint hearts and decorated heart-shaped biscuits. 

Week beginning 4th February 

Following our visit the Bakery last week we have created our own role-play baker's shop. The children have really enjoyed pretended to be the shopkeeper and the customer and selling and buying our pretend bread. Some children pretended to have a picnic on the carpet with the bread they bought. We have also explored bread dough in our playdough area and flour in our messy tray. Our story this week has been The Little Red Hen. We made our own bread. On Wednesday we made the dough which needed to rise in a warm place. On Thursday we rolled our dough into small balls and baked our bread. The smell was delicious! We used the BBC easy white bread recipe if you would like to make some more at home. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for Friendly Friday, we hope you enjoyed staying and playing. 

Week beginning 28th January

This week our older children visited Yates Bakery. We looked at the cakes, sandwiches and pies that were on sale. We bought some bread which we shared when we returned to Nursery. 

In RE we listened to the story of when Jesus welcomed the little children to Him. The children heard that Jesus loves them very much and wants to be our friend. We made friendship bracelets to remind us that Jesus is our friend. 

Week beginning 21st January

The children have enjoyed playing with our new Local Area small world. We have also enjoyed our 'garage' role-play area outside, exploring the role of a mechanic and being very busy fixing cars. 

In our playdough area, we have been using red playdough and loose parts to create houses. The children have also been challenged to draw pictures of houses in our writing area or on the interactive whiteboard. 

We have continued to explore 2D shapes through playing 'Kim's Game' and using matchsticks to make shapes. 

The children have also been introduced to junk modelling. We have used boxes to create houses. First we painted our box and then we used PVA glue to add a roof, a door and windows. 

We also enjoyed a snowy day at nursery! The children had lots of fun making hand and foot prints and snow angels. 

Week beginning 14th January

This week we have been talking about our homes. Thank you to all those parents who sent in a photograph or put a photograph on Tapestry - this really helped your child talk about what their house looks like. 

We have been playing with a doll's house, naming the rooms and sorting furniture and household items. We have also been learning about 2D shapes and we have used 2D shapes to create our own shape houses. Come and look at our display!

Outside we have been running and learning how we can avoid obstacles by changing our speed or direction. We have also been practising stopping and starting on a signal. 

Week beginning 7th January

We have welcomed our new children into Nursery and shared our Christmas news. Please see the main class page for details of our home learning activities for our older children.