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Week 12

Guided Reading:

Below are two guided reading books. Both are phase 3 based. If your child is beginning to put sounds together to read words please choose Quick, Quick, Quick. If your child is confident in identifying Phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs please read 'This Floats, That Sinks'.

Welcome to the final half term of the school year. What a very strange way to finish the year, hopefully we will make it as memorable as possible.  As usual on the page each week there will be a topic grid of activities to complete as well as daily maths and phonics.  Friday will continue to be PE, RE and PSED.

From now we will be moving on to Phase 4 phonics - this is only a short unit of work in preparation for Year one and incorporates consonant clusters into words with phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs.

A consonant cluster is 2 consonants blended together....                     b-l-e-n-d        bl-e-nd.


I will also add guided reading books. These will be on a Powerpoint document with teaching notes on each page added for you to point out and discuss with your child.  The first read is always a walkthrough -  discussion of pictures/story/character and finding familiar tricky words/digraphs/trigraphs and an introduction to new words. Subsequent reads will be for practise. Any problems please either send a message on Tapestry or via head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk .

Phonics: Thursday 11th June


Practise writing he/be/me/we/she (to make it sticky knowledge!)


Today we are going to learn to read polysyllabic words which is a word with two syllables. We counted syllables in our names when we first started Reception. It's not as hard as it sounds, it just means the words are longer so we need to split them up to make them more manageable...

sandpit - s-a-nd sand  p-i-t pit the words is sandpit.

Have a go for yourself with the game underneath!


Write the sentence below:

The milk is on the chest.

Don't copy! Don't forget to use your phonics to sound each word out.

Phonics: Wednesday 10th June


Practise writing he/be/me/we/she (to make it sticky knowledge!)


Write down some of the words we have practised reading - 

b-e-nch     b-e-st      b-ur-nt     ch-a-mp     ch-e-st     ch-u-nk     j-oi-nt

p-oi-nt        p-ai-nt     th-a-nk

b-a-nd        b-e-st      b-u-nk     f-e-lt     g-u-lp     h-u-mp     h-u-sk     j-u-mp     

k-e-pt         l-a-mp     l-a-nd     l-o-st     m-i-lk      n-e-st       s-i-lk      s-o-ft

t-e-nt         t-e-xt        t-u-sk     w-i-nd


Read the sentence below using your phase 4 phonics skills!

Phonics: Tuesday 9th June


Practise writing tricky words using Look/Cover/Write/Check



New Phase 4 tricky word - said

A consonant cluster is where 2 consonants (types of letters) are together in the word and we blend them together to read the word. The consonant cluster is at the end of the word. Read these words...

b-e-nch     b-e-st     b-ur-nt     ch-a-mp     ch-e-st     ch-u-nk     j-oi-nt

p-oi-nt       p-ai-nt     th-a-nk


Phonics: Monday 8th June



A consonant cluster is where 2 consonants (types of letters) are together in the word and we blend them together to read the word. The consonant cluster is at the end of the word. Read these words...

b-a-nd     b-e-st     b-u-nk     f-e-lt     g-u-lp     h-u-mp     h-u-sk     j-u-mp     

k-e-pt     l-a-mp     l-a-nd     l-o-st     m-i-lk      n-e-st       s-i-lk      s-o-ft

t-e-nt     t-e-xt        t-u-sk     w-i-nd



Friday 12th June

Time to workout with Andy on another wet Friday morning! Today we visit the undergrowth...


For the next few weeks, until the end of the half term, we are going to look at feelings. It is a really tough time at the moment and there are things going on that the children have never had to deal with and some children may be struggling. My own daughter, who is year 6, is struggling with the thought of Transition at the moment and it has really helped us to talk about it. Your child might be struggling with the thought of having to come back to school but possibly not to Reception. Look at the short PowerPoint with your child first.

After sharing the PowerPoint together share the following story together...once you've listened to the story think about a time when your child is happy and how they show it.


For this activity you will need a ball.... We are going to play 1 more than. Find a big space to sit opposite your child (older children could join in with this one too!) Roll the ball to your child and as you do so say a number e.g. 5. When your child receives the ball, as they pass it back to you or their sibling they need to say the number that is 1 more than the given number. Repeat choosing a different number this time e.g. 10.

Now have a go at the activity below....

Maths: Wednesday 10th June

Write doubling number sentences on sticky notes, e.g. 1 + 1 =, 2 + 2 =. Then, write the answers on separate sticky notes and stick the answers around the room you are working in.  Ask the children to stick the sticky notes on to their jumpers. Play some music and ask the children to dance around. When the music stops, they must work out their answer is and dance over to them. Give your child a new double sentence and continue until they are all gone!

(You can offer practical resources to help with this activity if your child needs it.)


Now you need to help Pirate Pete to fill up his treasure chest.

You MUST fill the treasure chest with exactly 20 items! There can be more than 1 of an item e.g. 4 coins but there must be exactly 20 altogether. Write down a list of all the items you have put in to fill up your treasure chest.


Maths: Tuesday 9th June

Warm up with a game of subtraction towers! Build a tower of 10 lego and then roll a dice (or turn over a piece of paper from a selection 1-6 if you don't have a dice).  Whatever the number is on the dice take that many lego bricks away. Say the sum 10 take away 2 equals 8 and continue until you either have none left or can't do the sum!

Practise singing our Days of the Week song (the tune is a little different but it's ok!)

Now look at the pictures below and helping your child to read, can they work out which days of the week are missing?

Maths: Monday 8th June

Practise counting with this counting jar.  You will need coins and an empty jar.


Ask your child to close their eyes. As they do so carefully drop coins into the empty jar for your child to count.  Once finished ask how many they counted then tip the contents out and check. Try again with different amounts! This half term we are learning to count up to 20 objects!


Click on the image below to watch the new Numberblocks video...we are learning to recognise the number 19.

Ask your child to count to 19 and then count backwards. Can they write the number 19? Can they find 19 objects? Can they order number cards from 1-19?


Our topic in RE this half term is 'Friends'. Look at the picture below of Jesus' friends gathered around him. Read the story together then think about the questions below.

* How do we know they are friends?
* What does the picture tell us about friends?
* What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)
* Where did they go when they were tired?
* What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)
* Where do you go when you are tired?
* Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day? e.g. what has gone well/what has not.
* Where do you go to be quiet and still?

Draw a picture of your friend, put friendship words (e.g. loving, kind, caring, sharing etc), around your picture and talk about what you like about your friend and what you do together.



This half term our topic is all about Pirates!  It is a great topic with lots of exciting activities to complete. Rather than focusing on a book for the first two weeks there will be a focusing on building language, learning poems and learning songs. I will add a suitable story for you to read this week and another one next week. I aim to read the story every day to build familiarity but also for the children to gain vocabulary and understanding.  If you have any pirate stories at home feel free to read them together!  

Pirate Resources

 04 Track 4.mp3Download
 captain_patch_the_pirate poem.pdfDownload
 Label the pirate.docxDownload
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This week enjoy the story 'The Night Pirates'

Let's get running!!!

Over the next two weeks had we been in school we would have been taking part many in competitions with the School Sports Partnership. They have decided to hold a Virtual Mile where, over the next two weeks, as many children as possible can run or walk a mile (social distanced of course) and then input their score. Let's see if we can get as many participants as possible. I'll get my running gear on tomorrow and have a go - I'll share my time with you all!

Virtual Mile

 HRV Mile FAQ.docxDownload
 Invite Letter.pdfDownload
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