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Week 9


We have now covered all of Phase 3 phonics. It is important that the sounds your child has learnt become 'sticky' so we will follow the format below each day to retain what we have learnt:

Revisit/Revise - Through quick fire oral recognition of digraphs/trigraphs and tricky words. Repeated practise makes knowledge sticky.
Practise - 
Using that sticky knowledge of digraphs/trigraphs to read/spell words through fun games.
Apply -  
Applying that sticky knowledge of digraphs/trigraphs to read and write sentences.

It is important your child completes all 3 parts of the activity. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.


Practise reading the phase 2 and 3 tricky words and recognising the phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs.


Correctly read phase 3 words using the digraphs we have just practised.


Ask your child to write a sentence to go with the picture below. Get your child to use their phase 3 phonics mat to help them write, do not copy the sentence.


Jim has seven silver coins.

Revisit/Revise: Wednesday 20th May



Ask your child to write a sentence to go with the picture below. Get your child to use their phase 3 phonics mat to help them write, do not copy the sentence.


Bow down to the king and queen.

Revisit/Revise: Tuesday 19th May

Practise reading Phase 2 and 3 tricky words and digraphs. Can you remember more than last week?



Read the questions and answer them with yes or no! Use your phonics to decode words.

Revisit/Revise: Monday 18th May

Can you say the tricky words/digraphs in the two videos below before the lady says them? How many can you remember?


Play the Buried Treasure game. Use your amazing phonics to read the words (Phase 2 or Phase 3!) and choose whether the word is real or nonsense. Real words go in the treasure chest, nonsense words go in the bin! What will your score be?


 Use your phonics to answer the questions below!

Friday 22nd May

It's PE day with Andy again! Lets' go on a journey together to the rain forest...


As we approach the end of week 9 on lockdown reflect on those you miss the most.  I can see my Mum every week as I have to do her shopping for her but I can only wave from the bottom of her garden. It's her birthday next week and I have organised lots of treats for her but I would love to hug her.  

Who in your family have you not been able to see that you are missing? Why not complete the activity below then the person you are missing can be in your play? Share your pictures on tapestry.


Let's practice counting forwards and backwards from a given number to 20. Grab a ball to use to help you count. Click the number wheel below to go to a number generator. Spin the wheel and whatever number the wheel stops on is the number you count from up to 20. Throw ball to Mum to help you count. Once you get to 20 count backwards but make sure you stop on the number you started on!

Yesterday we learnt to share an amount of objects out fairly, this meant each group had to have equal, or the same. Can you help the Magical Fairy Creatures with the problems they are having below? Show how you did it in your maths book!

Maths: Wednesday 20th May

Let's start today by practising counting in steps of 5!

We have been learning some new maths concepts recently. Can you tell your grown up about them?

What is a double?

What is halving?

Today we are going to learn to share. When we share, we have to share out our objects equally until none are left. Look at the Powerpoint below to see how the cakes are shared at the party. Can you share some sweets between your teddies?

Share 6 sweets between 3 teddies. How many each?

Share 8 sweets between 2 teddies. How many each? Now share 8 sweets between 4 teddies. How many each now?

Share 12 sweets between 3 teddies? How many sweets. Now share 12 sweets between 4 teddies. How many each now?

Represent your sharing in your book.

Maths: Tuesday 19th May

Let's practice counting!  Your child needs to be able to count 20 objects accurately using 1:1 correspondence (touching each object and giving it a number name.)

Give your child a selection of objects and ask them to count them. In school, we very often fill plastic cups with an amount of objects and use different cups with different objects and different sizes and amounts in. Once your child has counted the cups of objects they can help you to tidy away!

Problem Solving

Last week your child was practicing doubling and halving a number. The next step is to apply their thinking to a problem and give reasons for their answers. Together have a go at the problem below - 'Double Trouble!'

Maths: Monday 18th May

Last week we were learning how to find half of a number.  Click the youtube link below to watch a song called 'Chip the Chopper'. 

Parents - once you've got the idea of the song and tune maybe you could sing it with your child without the video?

Chip the Chopper song

Let's look at the new number for this week. Number 18.

Can you practise writing the number 18? Can you complete the number 18 sheet in your pack? Find 18 objects and count them. Now make different arrangements with your 18 objects just like you saw 18 do in the video. Can you record this in your work book?


This week we learn about Ascension - when Jesus left the disciples to go to Heaven to be with his Father. Click the picture below to watch a video to learn about this.

This weekend some friends in our class celebrate Eid. We wish them Eid Mubarak.


This week we move on to our final story in our Adventure Tales topic. Again, another favourite - in fact I think all three of these stories have been a favourite of mine and I am sad not to have been able to read them to you!

This week we are reading 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.  Click the image for the usual YouTube link!

There is less content in the activity grid below this time due to it nearly being half term but do feel free to carry some activities into the holidays should you choose to. Please aim to complete two of the Literacy writing activities.