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Week 14



Every day practise writing the Phase 3 tricky words


Practise reading phase 3 tricky words along with the new Phase 4 tricky word we are learning each day then practise the consonant clusters we are learning.

Phase 3 and 4 Tricky words

Phase 4 consonant clusters


Teach the new tricky word - one

Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence. "One day there were three little pigs who lived with their Mummy." or "I can count, one, two, three!"


Read the polysyllabic words, don't forget to split them up as you read them!

bl-a-nk-e-t     cr-u-nch-i-ng     dr-i-ft-e-d     dr-i-ft-w-oo-d     gr-u-nt-e-d      

pr-i-nt-er-s     shr-i-nk-i-ng     tw-i-st-er     tw-i-st-i-ng

Guided Reading

Below are two guided reading books. Both are phase 3 based. If your child is beginning to put sounds together to read words please choose 'The Hunt.' If your child is confident in identifying Phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs please read 'Go Fish'.

Teach/Practise: (Wednesday 24th June)

Teach the new tricky word - little

Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence.  "I am a little bit sad you did not tidy your bedroom."

Now use your phonics to write some of the following words:

bl-e-nd     bl-i-nk     br-a-nd     cl-a-nk     cr-a-mp     cr-e-pt     cr-u-sts     dr-i-nk

dw-e-lt     fr-o-st     gr-a-nd     gr-u-nt     gl-i-nt       pl-o-nk     sk-u-nks     sl-e-pt    

sl-u-mp     sm-e-lt     sp-e-lt     sp-e-nd     st-a-mp     st-u-nt     tr-a-mp     tr-e-nd

cl-e-nch     dr-e-nch     fl-i-nch     sp-oi-lt     st-e-nch     thr-u-st     tr-e-nch


Use your phonics to read the sentence:

Teach/Practise: (Tuesday 23rd June)

Teach the new Phase 4 tricky word - there

Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence.  "The ketchup is over there."

Practise reading some of these Phase 4 consonant cluster words:


cl-e-nch     dr-e-nch     fl-i-nch     sp-oi-lt     st-e-nch     thr-u-st     tr-e-nch


 Use your fantastic phonics to read the captions below and match them to the correct picture.

Teach (Monday 22nd June)

Read these words...

bl-e-nd     bl-i-nk     br-a-nd     cl-a-nk     cr-a-mp     cr-e-pt     cr-u-sts     dr-i-nk

dw-e-lt     fr-o-st     gr-a-nd     gr-u-nt     gl-i-nt     pl-o-nk     sk-u-nks     sl-e-pt    

sl-u-mp     sm-e-lt     sp-e-lt     sp-e-nd     st-a-mp     st-u-nt     tr-a-mp     tr-e-nd


Friday 26th June

Let's try something different for PE today. Click the link below to do a Cosmic Kids Yoga session. Enjoy!


Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about our feelings. Look at the PowerPoint and recap on the feelings we have looked at. Can your child remember times when they were happy or angry?

Now look at the third feeling - scared. Click the picture to share the story and afterwards talk about times when your child might have felt scared. What can they do to feel better?


Let's start by practising in steps of 2.

Have a little bit of fun today and see if you can complete this Pirate picture...you need to complete the addition and subtraction sums to help you know what colour to use. Use objects to help you find the answer if you need to, I know that you can do this!

Maths: Wednesday 24th June

Number Shape Doubles

Lay out Number Shapes for your child to see, hold up a number shape between one and ten and show it to your child. When your child finds the double of that number, they must jump up and hold the number shape in the air.

(Number shapes 1 to 8)

(Number shapes 9 and 10)

Now practise some more addition sums. Yesterday you wrote the number sentence and added some more to find the total. Today you always have 10 and you have to find part, part whole.

For Parents - We have done part, part, whole in class.  If you have 10 gold coins (whole) and put 4 to one side, 4 is one part of 10. What is the other part of 10(whole)? It is 6. 10 is whole and 4 is one part, 6 is another part. 4+6=10.

Maths: (Tuesday 23rd June)

Counting Hide and Seek

Tell your child to close their eyes and then hide a teddy somewhere in the house. Ask your child to find the hidden teddy in a set amount of time. Choose a different time from between 10-20 seconds each time, such as 18 seconds, and count down from the set number. Will the teddy be found in time? Take it in turns with your child so that they can hide and count down for you too.


Help Pirate Patch to add his coins together. Finish the number sentence underneath.

Maths: (Monday 22nd June)

Number Recognition  

Chalk numbers 11-20 on the wall/pavement/floor outside and ask your child to spray them with a water gun, naming the different numbers as they do.


Treasure Hunt…..

Grown ups to write out numbers  (on pieces of paper) to 20. Hide the numbers around the house in a random order. Show your child where number 20 is and ask them to find the numbers in the correct order to 1. When they reach 1 give them a treat hidden in a box!


Jesus had friends, we can be friends of Jesus.

Tell the story above and ask your child....

* How do we know they are friends?

* What does the picture tell us about friends?

* What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)

* Where did they go when they were tired?

* What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)

* Where do you go when you are tired?

* Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day? e.g. what has gone well/what has not.

* Where do you go to be quiet and still?


Now draw a picture of your friend, put friendship words (e.g. loving, kind, caring, sharing etc), around your picture and talk about what you like about your friend and what you do together.


This half term our topic is all about Pirates!  It is a great topic with lots of exciting activities to complete. Rather than focusing on a book each week there will be a focusing on building language, learning poems and learning songs. I will add a suitable story for you to read each week and this week and next weeks work builds (loosely) on the story from last week 'Pirate Pete and his Parrot'.  I aim to read the story every day to build familiarity but also for the children to gain vocabulary and understanding.  If you have any pirate stories at home feel free to read them together!  


This is a new topic grid with lots of new and exciting activities...please download! New resources to support the activities listed below.

Here is this weeks story. It is based on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and it is called 'Going on a Treasure Hunt!. It is very good fun, do enjoy!

Pirate Resources

 05 Track 5.mp3Download
 I Spy count to 20.pdfDownload
 I spy to 20 Checklist.pdfDownload
 If I were a pirate.....docxDownload
 Things I treasure most.pdfDownload
 Wanted poster.pdfDownload
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