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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 13



Every day practise writing the Phase 3 tricky words


Practise reading phase 3 tricky words along with the new Phase 4 tricky word we are learning each day then practise the consonant clusters we are learning.

Phase 4 consonant clusters:


Teach the new Phase 4 tricky word - come

 Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence. "Come to me and we will get a snack!"

Practise reading these polysyllabic words:

cr-a-sh-e-s     cr-ee-p-i-ng    cr-i-ck-e-ts      sm-e-ll-i-ng     sn-oo-p-i-ng             sp-or-ts-m-e-n      st-ar-l-igh-t     st-ar-v-i-ng


Use your phonics to write the sentence below:

The green frog swims in the pond.

Guided Reading:

Below are two guided reading books. Both are phase 3 based. If your child is beginning to put sounds together to read words please choose 'Is it Quick.' If your child is confident in identifying Phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs please read 'Rock-Pooling'.

Practise: Wednesday 17th June


Remember when we have 2 consonants in a word we blend those sounds together to help us read. b-l-e-n-d     bl-e-nd.

Write some of the words below with phase 4 consonant clusters:

fr-o-m      cr-a-ck     dr-o-ps     fl-a-g       fl-i-p     fl-o-ps     fr-o-g     fr-o-m  

gl-a-d      pl-a-n       pr-a-m      sn-i-ff      sp-i-ns     sp-o-ts     tw-i-n     tr-i-p

bl-a-ck     bl-ur-b     br-i-ng      br-oo-m     br-ow-n     cl-ear     cr-ee-p     cr-oa-k

dr-oo-p     fr-ow-n     gr-oa-n     fl-igh-t     fr-ee     sc-oo-p     sl-ee-p     sm-ar-t

sm-ear     sp-oi-l      st-air-s     sw-i-ng      sw-u-ng     tr-ai-n     tr-a-sh     tw-ee-t



Use your phonics to read the sentence:

Teach/Practise: Tuesday 16th June

Teach the new Phase 4 tricky word - have

 Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence. "I think you have been good this morning!"

Remember when we have 2 consonants in a word we blend those sounds together to help us read. b-l-e-n-d     bl-e-nd.

Read words with phase 4 consonant clusters:

bl-a-ck     bl-ur-b     br-i-ng     br-oo-m     br-ow-n     cl-ear     cr-ee-p     cr-oa-k

dr-oo-p     fr-ow-n     gr-oa-n     fl-igh-t     fr-ee     sc-oo-p     sl-ee-p     sm-ar-t

sm-ear     sp-oi-l     st-air-s     sw-i-ng     sw-u-ng     tr-ai-n     tr-a-sh     tw-ee-t



Have a go at writing out the words below with the correct consonant cluster at the beginning. Your child should be able to read all words, except the final one which is a phase 5 word.

Teach: Monday 15th June

Teach the new Phase 4 tricky word - so

Look at the word, count the letters, say the letters, say the letter names and put the word into a sentence. "I think you have been so good this morning!"

Remember when we have 2 consonants in a word we blend those sounds together to help us read. b-l-e-n-d     bl-e-nd.

Read words with phase 4 consonant clusters:

fr-o-m     cr-a-ck     dr-o-ps     fl-a-g     fl-i-p     fl-o-ps     fr-o-g     fr-o-m  

gl-a-d     pl-a-n     pr-a-m     sn-i-ff     sp-i-ns     sp-o-ts     tw-i-n     tr-i-p


Read the words below to find the correct word for each picture.

Friday 19th June

Time to workout with Andy on another wet Friday morning! Today we visit the



We are going to continue looking at feelings over the next few weeks until the end of the half term. Look again at the short Powerpoint from last week and discuss the emotion happy and the story you shared after it. 

Now click the link below to watch another story. The feeling we are focusing on this week is angry. Once you have listened to the story discuss it with your child. How do they feel now? happy or angry? Why? Are there any times they have felt angry? If they feel angry in the future who can they ask to help them or what can they do for themselves?


Join in with the song to practise counting in 1s, 5s and 10s!

Pirates love searching for treasure, but sometimes they can be a little unfair! Go through the PowerPoint below to remember how to share fairly, halve between two pirates.

Now share the gold dubloons between the 2 pirates. If you don't have a printer why not get two teddies and some objects to share between them?

Maths: Wednesday 17th June

For this activity (Double dice) you will need a dice. If you don't have a dice just use pieces of paper with numbers 1-6 written on, turned face down.

Roll your dice to your child.  When they catch the dice, they must shout out the double of the number the dice lands on. Repeat the activity until all the numbers have been covered. Use objects to help double if needed.

Now have a go at doubling the pirates dubloons in each treasure chest!

(If you don't have a printer, draw a simple treasure chest and the gold dubloon for your child to double.)


Maths: Tuesday 16th June

Sharing Shuffle

Give your child a tower of interlocking lego (or pegs, or whatever you have to count with!) Make sure the tower has an even number of lego between 2 and 20 in it. Play some music and ask your child to dance. When the music stops, your child has to dance over to you and break the tower into two equal parts to share with you. Can they say how many they had? How many did they share with you? What is half of the number? Repeat with different numbers of objects between 2 and 20.


Let's go on a Treasure Hunt!

Grown ups to write out numbers  (on individual pieces of paper) to 20. Hide all the numbers around the house in a random order. Show your child where number 1 is and ask them to find the numbers in the correct order to 20. (you could get them to write down the numbers in order as they find them if you like!) When they reach 20 give them a treat hidden in a box!


Save the numbers for for next week as we will use them again!

Maths: Monday 15th June

Let's play a game called 'Grab and Count'!
Sit with your child and tell the child to grab two handfuls of soft objects, such as feathers, pom-poms or cotton wool balls. Then, hold them in the air and drop them. When they land, they counts how many they managed to grab and drop. Who can grab the most? What top counting techniques can your child think of to help when counting big groups of objects?


Now we can watch the Numberblocks video linked below and (although it's only a short video!) learn about the final number - number 20!

Now do all things 20!!!

Practise writing the number 20, count out 20 objects. count 20 hops/skips/jumps, group 20 in different ways like in the video, write numbers in order from 1-20, write numbers backward from 20-1.


Today is the Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is one of the most widely practiced and well known Catholic devotions, taking Jesus Christ's physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity.


We'll step off timetable for RE today and do some craft related to the special Feast day as we celebrate it. We will make a heart shaped wreath to help us celebrate. Click the picture below to download the instructions on how to do this. Don't forget to share your completed hearts with Mrs Welch on head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk


This half term our topic is all about Pirates!  It is a great topic with lots of exciting activities to complete. Rather than focusing on a book for the first two weeks there will be a focusing on building language, learning poems and learning songs. I will add a suitable story for you to read this week and another one next week. I aim to read the story every day to build familiarity but also for the children to gain vocabulary and understanding.  If you have any pirate stories at home feel free to read them together!  

Pirate Resources

 04 Track 4.mp3Download
 captain_patch_the_pirate poem.pdfDownload
 Label the pirate.docxDownload
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This weeks story is called 'Pirate Pete and his Parrot'. Click the picture below to read the story every day. Don 't forget to read it every day!

This weeks Wednesday Word

Let's get running!!

Over the next week had we been in school we would have been taking part many in competitions with the School Sports Partnership. They have decided to hold a Virtual Mile where, over the next two weeks, as many children as possible can run or walk a mile (social distanced of course) and then input their score. Let's see if we can get as many participants as possible. Download the documents below to see how you can enter.

I've been out running a couple of times but I'm just trying to improve my time before I submit it - I'll share my time with you all!

Virtual Mile

 HRV Mile FAQ.docxDownload
 Invite Letter.pdfDownload
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Try something a little different this summer. Join the summer reading challenge.

The Summer Reading Challenge is delivered in partnership with public libraries and funded by Arts Council England. The Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun as well as preventing the summer reading ‘dip’. This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s Silly Squad will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all sorts of funny books!

With the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, the 2020 Challenge will launch in a new digital format designed to keep children engaged and interested in reading. The Challenge will run from 5 June to mid-September.

The Summer Reading Challenge website is free to access and features games, quizzes and downloadable activities that will encourage children to take part in reading related activities.

Click the picture below to access the website. Have fun!