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Week 7


We have now covered all of Phase 3 phonics. It is important that the sounds your child has learnt become 'sticky' so we will follow the format below each day to retain what we have learnt:

Revisit/Revise - Through quick fire oral recognition of digraphs/trigraphs and tricky words. Repeated practise makes knowledge sticky.
Practise - 
Using that sticky knowledge of digraphs/trigraphs to read/spell words through fun games.
Apply -  
Applying that sticky knowledge of digraphs/trigraphs to read and write sentences.

It is important your child completes all 3 parts of the activity. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.


Can you beat your scores from last week?

Click the pictures below to go to a new website we will be using lots over the coming weeks. To access the site (new.phonicsplay) you need to type:
Username: march20
Password: home
Ensure your child is revising phase 2 and phase 3 only on the game below. Games are all in the resources section.



Ask your child to write a sentence to go with the picture below. Get your child to use their phase 3 phonics mat to help them write, do not copy the sentence.


Looking at the books.

Revisit/Revise 06/05/2020



Use your phonics to write the word.


Ask your child to write a sentence to go with the picture below. Get your child to use their phase 3 phonics mat to help them write, do not copy the sentence.


Digging in the soil.

Revisit/Revise: 05/05/2020




Revisit/Revise: 04/05/2020



Play this game on Phase 2 and Phase 3 only! Listen to the phoneme and choose the correct letter (grapheme) when you see it on the screen!


Read the questions below and answer with either yes or no!


Let's double again today!

Last week you doubled with ladybirds, this weeks lets look at doubling with caterpillars!

Maths 06/05/2020

Sing a long with the song below to carry on learning how to count in steps of 5!

Look at the caterpillars from yesterday or make some new caterpillars. (If you want to try something different just count out objects, it could be Superheroes, princesses or anything!)

Think about 'less than'. Look at the picture below.  Can you find 1 less than a number up to 16? What is 1 less than 14? What is 1 less than 10?

Maths: 05/05/2020

Let's start with a Numberblocks counting song today...

Can you draw or paint some caterpillars and use them to make up number stories? Follow the instructions below... What different number stories can you make up?

Write them as a number sentence or draw them like this ooo=oo+ooooo.

Maths: 04/05/2020

We are learning to recognise, write and order numbers to 20. Last week we looked at number 15 as our number of the week. This week we look at number 16. Once you have watched the video find 16 objects to count. Practise writing the number 16. Put/write numbers 1 - 16 in order.

May is the month of Mary. In May we say the Hail Mary every day. Try this with your child.



We have a new book this week and again it;s another one of my favourites - Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. I would suggest starting the topic off by watching the youtube video or reading the book if you have a copy. Again, in school I would read the story every day so that the children become familiar with the language and pattern of the story and can recite (most of it) by heart!

There are 16 activities to choose from and this week I have included some number activities which will link really nicely with the everyday learning in maths. I would still suggest completing 4 writing activites over the 2 weeks, starting with the smaller writes first. Have lots of fun, can't wait to see what you have all been up to!