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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 5


Phonics: 23/04/2020

Click the picture below to look at a new super power word - was.

This is a really tricky sound (and the one I like the least!)

Click Geraldine Giraffe to watch the video to help practice the digraph ear.

Read together:
pure, cure, manure

Write the sentence:
The cure must be pure.

Phase 2 Guided Reading

Find the digraphs ck, e, u, r.

Read for fluency.

Phase 3 Guided Reading

Find the digraphs ur, ow, oi.

Read for fluency.

Phonics: 22/04/2020

Click here to look at a new super power word - of!

Click here to watch the video to help practice the digraph ear.

Read together:

ear, beard, fear, tear, hear, near, year, rear, dear


The beard is near his ear.

Phonics 21/04/2020

Click here to practice your tricky words and also learn another word - my.

Click here and watch the video to help practice the digraph air.

Read the words:

air, pair, chair, hair, fair, lair

Write the sentence:

Her hair is fair.

Phonics 20/04/2020

Watch the Phase 3 tricky words song and sing along!

Click here and watch the video to help practice the digraph er.

Read the words:

term / fern / hammer / ladder

Write the sentence:

The hammer fell off the top of the ladder.

Friday 24th April


Friday is PE day again and we have a wild mountain workout with Andy instead of Coach Rob! Click on the picture below to take you to BBC iPlayer!



As we are spending more time in lockdown we can often think about all the things that we are unable to do. How about you talk with your child about some of the things they are currently missing being able to do and rather than be upset/sad turn it into a positive and make a positive jar? Use a clean jar and ask your child to decorate a pretty label for it and stick it on the front. Then with them write on notes of paper some of the things that they want to do with you once lockdown is over. As time goes on, if you or your child think of other things you want to do write them on a note and add them in. At the end of lockdown you will have  jar full of things you want to do together!

Maths: 23/04/2020

Today we are looking at numbers that are a little bigger than we have looked at!

Numbers 10-100 | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council

Click the numbers to watch a fun video first!

Maths 21/04/2020

Download the document for today's maths challenges with Supertato. Share your potato patterns with me on Tapestry!

Maths 21/04/2020

Maths 20/04/2020

Watch the video by clicking the Numberblocks picture. Learn all about our next number - 14! Practice writing the number 14 and find 14 objects to collect and count.

We will be using White Rose Maths this week for our maths activities and they are based on Supertato! 


Our new topic this half term is Adventure Stories and we will be spending 2 weeks looking at 1 book. The first book is The Gruffalo.  In class I would read the story every day so that your child becomes familiar with the text and can read it off by heart, I would suggest doing the same at home.  Below is a topic grid with work on for 2 weeks. Use the grid to choose activities that you and your child will enjoy together and then once complete share photos of your child's work on Tapestry. I would encourage choosing at least 4 activities with Literacy as a focus.