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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"


Welcome to the class page for the pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage Reception Class. Our class teacher is Mrs Berry. Mrs Graham and Mrs McMurrough help us in class. We enjoy learning both indoors and outside and have a lovely outdoor environment which we access each day to learn.

World Book Day 2020 - Thursday 5th March

This year the children turned a potato into a book character with the help of their parents. There were some amazing creations! Here they are...

It's a Villain!! Wednesday 4th March

Today the children helped to track down 1 of 3 villains in the outdoor area...the Evil Geese!  With the help of a note from Super Duck and an antidote in hand once they tracked him down they made him explode! The children were fascinated in the changes they saw and couldn't stop talking about the villain they made explode.


Shrove Tuesday - 25th February

The half term got off to a brilliant start today as the children learnt all about Pancake Day - or Shrove Tuesday.  They learnt why Christians Celebrate Shrove Tuesday and then went to make pancakes with Mrs McMurrough. Most of the class thought they were delicious, only 2 children didn't like them! At the end of the day Mrs Berry read the story of 'The Runaway Pancake' and we started to learn a new poem called 'It's Pancake Day!

Whilst on outdoor provision some children chose to access the pancake enhancement that was set up. It included everything they needed to make a pancake. The children followed the instructions and carefully added milk, flour and eggs (pretended!) to the dish which they then whisked together. The children showed a very good understanding of whether they needed to add more milk or flour to make their mixture the right consistency.  After the mixture was ready, the children poured it into a pan and pretended to cook it before adding fruit ready to eat. They had a great time and showed a brilliant understanding of how to make pancakes and were also super at sharing and taking turns.

Tots on Tyres - Monday 3rd February

This week started with the next step in the 'Tots on Tyres' programme. The children took part in 'Learn to ride' where they went outside and transferred from a balance bike to a pedal bike. By the end of the 4 sessions most children in the class were able to confidently rid eon a bike on their own. Mrs Graham and Mrs McMurrough were supporting the children along with their cycling instructor and said they were fantastic. The children were enthusiastic and resilient and had a brilliant time. Well done to all the children in reception!

Tots on Tyres - Monday 27th January

Today we started 'Tots on Tyres'.  Mrs Graham took us to the hall where Hugh gave us a helmet each and a bike. The bike was very special, it was a balance bike.  We learnt how to keep our balance on the bikes whilst playing fun games like 'Crocodiles in the water!' We can't wait to get better at riding a balance bike.

We visited Monte Cristo to make pizzas!- Friday 24th January 2020


We went to Monte Cristo on Friday.  We were seated in our area of the restaurant. Once we had sat down and took our coats off the waitress came around and offered us a drink, either orange or blackcurrant juice!  Then the waitresses brought out some pizza bases and we took it in turns to make our own pizzas. We spread tomato sauce on first and then sprinkled some cheese on. Finally we added some meat! The pizzas were taken to the chef where he put them in the oven to cook. Once the pizzas were cooked the waitress brought them back to the table and we were each given a slice. If we wanted we could have another slice.  It was fantastic! We all had great fun.


A big thank you to all the staff at Monte Cristo for helping us to learn how to make a pizza.

Being  Healthy -  Wednesday 9th January

 Following on from Christmas the children took a look in Mrs Berry's shopping bag which was full of very unhealthy Christmas food!  The children helped Mrs Berry to sort the food into those that were healthy and unhealthy.

Christmas Party

On Tuesday 17th December the children in the EYFS unit enjoyed their Christmas Party. They played party games such as Christmas corners, musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel.  The children also enjoyed party food of sausage/cheese and onion rolls, crisps, cakes and juice. A special visitor also came to the party and the children were most excited to see him...it was father Christmas! They waited patiently to see if he had brought them a present and once they all had their present they sang Jingle Bells to him. What a great party and the children were all amazingly behaved.

The Christmas Tree Nativity

On Monday 16th November the children from the EYFS unit performed their Christmas Nativity to their families. This year it was called 'The Christmas Tree Nativity' and used a magical Christmas Tree to tell the story of the First Christmas.  The children have worked very hard over the last few weeks learning lots of new songs and singing them along with actions. Some of the children had lines to say and they were very brave getting up on the stage to speak in front of all the families watching. We also had some children playing musical instruments in time to the music. All the children were excellent and they did brilliantly.

"All the children were amazing x" -  Darcie's Dad

"We all loved the play so much! Ella did an amazing job and made us so proud as always! All of the children did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing." - Ella's Mum

Visiting the Postbox

As part of our topic on People Who Help us the children have been learning about Postal Workers. On Monday 16th December the children took their special envelope to the postbox and posted it home. They can't wait to see when it comes through their door!

The Christmas cards have started arriving home and parents have shared them on Tapestry! Here is what a few of the parents have written...

"Thank you Darcie for the card, love Dad"

"Thank you for my card that came in the post, Olivia told me how she wrote and posted it."

"Daddy received the Christmas card that Calvin posted home."

Welcome Wednesday Christmas Craft

On Wednesday 9th December the December class opened their doors for Welcome Wednesday Christmas craft!  We had a fantastic turnout of 11 parents.  Here are some of the things the parents said afterwards...

"It was great being able to see what Calvin does each day and how much he had already learnt in such a short space of time. I really enjoyed it." Calvin's Dad

"Enjoyed the crafts and watching the children learning."

"Very good to see the children interact and for the parents to see what our children are learning."

"I think Lilly-Mae had a really good time and it was good to get to see how she is in the classroom with her friends." Lilly-Mae's Nanna

"We had such a lovely time today. It was great to see how you are learning the phonics sounds and the actions you do with them.  It was so much fund doing Christmas crafting also. Thanks you very much for letting us come in today." Ella's Mummy

11th November

Following our visit to the fire station the children used junk modelling materials to make their own fire engine. First they chose a container and painted it red. Once it was dry they added all the bits they needed such as a hose pipe, lights and sirens.  Here are a few of our fire engines. The children had a great time making these!

Our visit to Accrington Fire Station - Tuesday 5th November 2019

We invite parents to join us for 'Welcome Wednesdays' so they can find out more about their child's learning.

We enjoy exploring our new sandpit and mud kitchen that was purchased using money raised by the parents of the EYFS pupils last year!

Topic - 'Ourselves'. The pupils found out about themselves and made self portraits. 

Life Education Tent - Tuesday 11th February

This morning the children in Reception class had a special visit from Harold the Giraffe. He told us lots about the topic of 'All About me'.  One of the children put a skeleton body on top of their jumper and the other children added a heart, lungs and a stomach. They learnt what the different parts inside our body do. The children thought about what they had to do if they were feeling sad and how they would be happy again. They finished off with an energetic dance in the tent so that they would be ready for sleep at night! It was great fun.

Reading Ambassadors - Wednesday 9th January

The Reading Ambassadors have been appointed in class. The two children were chosen for the position because they absolutely love reading books and listening to stories being read by adults. The children also read their home reading books at least three times a week and get their parents to sign it for them.

Unicef...The Rights of the child - Monday 6th January

This week we have been looking at the rights of a child. We have shared with the children the book 'For Every Child'.

The children have learnt that they have a right to be taught to read and write and that with this they have the right to become whatever they want to become. We talked with the children about the aspirations that they have for when they grow up.  Below are just some of the children's aspirations.

The children also learnt that they have the right to grow up in a world that is looked after and that they should care for their world. As winter is approaching he children have made bird feeders in the outdoor area to help the birds find food.  They threaded cheerios on to pipe cleaners before choosing which branch to hang them on to.

We visited St Mary's RC Church to find out about Baptism- Friday 29th November 2019

The children exploring the new role play area which is a hospital - inspired by our visit from the nurses for our flu vaccination! Monday 18th November 

The children are building a fire engine and role playing  being firefighters- Week beginning 11th November 2019

Week beginning 11th November 2019- the children were exploring 'falling' by making ramps and were talking about why things happen and how things work.

We have enjoyed using our senses to explore our outdoor area to find out about 'Autumn' - Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October 2019.

The pupils worked with their parents to complete projects at home about themselves and their families.