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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 17


I am struggling to believe that this is week 17 of our distanced learning, and what should have been our last week in school together. I am looking forward to seeing some of you in school this week and also visiting some of you at home for our 'doorstep graduations'. 

This week our learning will be slightly different. We won't be doing phonics and maths, but rather some end of the year activities which I hope you enjoy. We will begin our week with a home sport's day and then we will begin to think about starting Reception. Look out for a special photo powerpoint and goodbye message on Friday.

Below I have included some information about how to help your child prepare for starting school. Please also look at the 'New Reception Class' page that Mrs Berry has created which includes lots of helpful information, a virtual tour and stories about starting school.

I am so sad that our time together ended so suddenly and far too early. You are all very special and I loved being your nursery teacher. Take care and please pop by and say hello when you can!

Love Mrs Hands. 

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Our guided reading picture book this week is called 'At School'. In the story, Kipper is going to school for the first time. 

Share the book together, looking at and talking about the pictures. Use the questions and prompts on each of the pages. 

Monday 13th July 2020 - Sport's Day!

Today is our Sport's Day!

Have a go at some of the activities below and have lots of fun! Some of the activities can be done as a race and some you could see how many you can do in a minute. For the egg and spoon race you could use a lemon or a potato instead of an egg. If you don't have a ball, you can use a pair of socks balled together, or even scrunched up paper. You could add other activities such as creating an obstacle race.

Don't forget to keep stopping for a drink. 

Below the activities are some certificates which you could print off to show that you have taken part. The certificates are the same, just different colours so you only need to print one off. 

There is also a link for you to watch Peppa Pig in her sport's day - you could watch this while you have a drink and snack to cool down after your activities.