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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 14 Dear Zoo

This week our book is 'Dear Zoo'. It's one of my favourites, and I know some of you love it too! Read the story every day so that you can join in with it and talk about what happens. Have a go at some of the activities in the powerpoint below as well as our daily phonics and mathematics activities. 

Ask your grown-up to share your learning with me on Tapestry. 

Guided Reading

When your child starts in Reception they will begin to use Oxford Reading Tree books as they learn to read. The books follow the adventures of The Robinson Family and their friends. Meet some of the main characters below.

The Lost Teddy

Our guided reading picture book this week is The Lost Teddy. In the story, Kipper loses his special teddy on the bus. Share the book together, looking at and talking about the pictures. Use the questions and prompts on each of the pages. 

Friday 26th June 2020

Phonics (26/6/2020)

Activity 1 - Listening game

Listen to the animal sound and match it to the picture in this game on Phonics Play.

Activity 2 - Segmenting and blending

Yesterday you were orally blending the sounds together in a word to identify which animal the zoo was sending you as a pet. This means your child was doing it by listening to the letter sounds. Today we are going to try something tricky. Your child has been introduced to the letter sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d. Keep on regularly practising recognising these letters in their written forms. Once your child is confident at recognising the letters, they will be able to begin to blend them together when they are written down. Below are some words created using the letters we have learnt so far. Point to each letter with your child, naming the letter, and then see if your child can read the word. 

Mathematics (26/6/2020)

Today we are going to start to learn about 3D shapes. So far, your child recognises 'flat' 2D shapes (such as circle, triangle and so on). Now they will be introduced to 'fat' or solid 3D shapes. Watch the video lesson on Tapestry and then go on a 3D shape hunt around the house or outside. 

  3D shapes - MNM for Students

Thursday 25th June 2020

Phonics (25/6/2020)

Activity 1 - Nursery rhymes

Choose a favourite nursery rhyme to sing together. 


Activity 2 - I wrote the the zoo to send me a pet....

Today we are going to practise segmenting and blending again. This is an important pre-reading skill for your child to grasp and lots of practise is key!

Play a game together. Say, "I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me a       c-a-t." Segment an animal name for your child. Ask them what pet the zoo sent. Can they blend the sounds together to tell you the animal? 

Here is a list of animals you could segment:

cat, pig, snake, dog, frog, fish.

If your child is confident blending the sounds together, let them segment an animal name for you to blend. 

I have included pictures of animals below to help.

          Dog clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla    Number clipart fish, Number fish Transparent FREE for download on ...  Cat clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla    Free Pig Clipart - Clip Art Pictures - Graphics - IllustrationsFrog Clipart - Graphics - Illustrations - Free Download - Clipart ...  Snake clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla

Mathematics (25/6/2020)

Activity 1 - 2D shapes

Practise recognising simple 2D shapes. Can your child name the shapes below? Can they point to a shape when you ask them to? 

 2D and 3D shapes explained for primary-school parents | 2D shapes ...  2D and 3D shapes explained for primary-school parents | 2D shapes ...   Triangular clipart 2d shape, Picture #1721009 triangular clipart ...     Basic Shapes - Lessons - Tes Teach2D Shapes – Maths | ClassStuff   2D and 3D shapes explained for primary-school parents | 2D shapes ...


Activity 2 - Count and Match

Have a go at the activity below to practise matching numeral and quantity. 

Wednesday 24th June 2020

PSED (24/6/2020)

Today we are going to think about feelings. Use the powerpoint below to explore the different emotions of sad, happy, angry and scared. Encourage your child to recognise the emotion and talk about why someone might be feeling like this. 

P.E. (24/6/2020)

Last week we did some jungle exercise. This week we are going to do some farm animal exercise!

R.E. (24/6/2020)

On Monday 29th June we will celebrate the Feast of St Peter and St Paul. You can find out more about these two important men below. There are also some activities you could try to remember this special day in the Catholic Church. 

St Peter was a fisherman when Jesus called him, and both he and St Paul became 'fishers of men' which means they told people all about Jesus. Why don't you make a fish to give to someone in your family and tell them that Jesus loves them? You could paint  or draw one, or collage one.

   Paper Plate & Tissue Paper Tropical Fish - Kid Craft    Tissue Paper Rainbow Fish Craft - Crafts on Sea  What I Live For: Hand Print Fish Craft   Rainbow Fish Craft - Mother Goose Club

Jesus called St Peter the 'rock' upon which the church would be built. Why don't you find a rock and paint it?

    DIY Gift: Painted Rocks - Green Kid Crafts

Make some cakes together to eat on Monday to celebrate the Feast of St Peter and St Paul.
Small Batch Cupcake Recipe - Celebrating Sweets

Share this week's Wednesday Word together. 

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Phonics (23/6/2020)

Activity 1 - Listening game

Listen carefully to the sounds and guess what is making each one.

Activity 2 - Letter recognition

Choose set 1 or set 2 to practise recognising the letter sounds we have learnt so far. 

Mathematics (23/6/2020)

Activity 1 - Representing number

Play a game together and mark your score on the ground using chalk or on paper (one mark or line per score). You could play football and tally up the goals you score. Or you could play skittles and mark how many you knock down each time (you can make your own skittles using plastic bottles). Or you could draw a target (circle) on the ground using chalk and throw an object (bean bag, teddy) into it, marking each time you get it into the target. At the end of the game, count up the marks to see how many you have scored altogether. 



Activity 2 - Underwater Counting

Practise your counting and number recognition skills as you play the Underwater Counting Game on Topmarks. Choose to count up to 5 or 10 objects. 

Monday 22nd June 2020

Phonics (22/6/2020)

Watch Geraldine as she explores our new letter of the week - 'd'.

When we make the /d/ sound we make sure it is short rather than saying a long 'duh' sound. The action we add is that of pretending to bang a drum.

Try the activity below. Can you spy anything beginning with /d/?

Look for things that begin with the /d/ sound around your home or while you are out for a walk.

Visit the Dear Zoo and Friends website to play a listening and a matching pairs game. Click on the picture to follow the link. 

Mathematics (22/6/2020)

Activity 1 - Number recognition

We have now explored numbers up to 10. It is important to keep on practising counting to 10 and counting back again. It is also important to keep on practising recognising numerals to 10. Use the numbers below, or write out numbers to 10 on post-it notes to use as flashcards so you can mix them up.

Activity 2 - Sorting by size

Look at this activity to sort the animals by size - shortest to longest or tallest.