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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 3 - Holy Week (6th April 2020)


This week we are going to listen to the story of Easter. Each day we will explore a different part - Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. I will suggest an activity each day, but in addition, why not take part in the main school Easter cross competition? Or try making an Easter garden - here are some pictures to give you an idea:

This week's song

This week our song is '1, 2' 3' 4, 5, I know Jesus is Alive'.

Internet Safety

As your child is likely to be accessing the internet more often for distanced learning, it is important that they remain safe. A few weeks ago we listening to the story of Smartie the Penguin, and the children learnt the following rhyme:

Before you click, click, click,

You have to think, think, think,


Click on the powerpoint below to revisit the story of Smartie with your child. 

For further information and support, look at the following websites:



Rainbows of hope

You have probably seen the rainbows people have been making to put in their windows to send a message of hope and support to others, including the NHS. If you haven't already, why not make some rainbows for your windows?

Our distanced learning this week

Thursday 9th April 2020

Topic - Jesus is alive! (9/4/20)

On Good Friday Jesus died on a cross so that all of the wrong things we do can be forgiven and we can be saved. The great news about today's part of the Easter story is that Jesus is alive! After three days, Jesus came back to life. We call this day 'Resurrection' or 'Easter Sunday'. It is a day to celebrate the good news that Jesus loves us, died for our sins and was raised back to life. Click on the picture to watch the next part of our Easter story. 

Activity 1

Did you see the large stone that was rolled away? Find a stone while you are on your daily walk and paint it to decorate it. When you look at it, remember that the stone was rolled away and Jesus is alive. 

Activity 2

We celebrate Easter with Easter eggs. Today decorate the shape of an egg. Draw an oval shape and decorate it. Or use paint and a potato masher and make egg shapes. See the pictures below for ideas. 

Phonics and Literacy - Segmenting and blending (9/4/20)

Play 'I Spy' with the pictures you looked at yesterday, segmenting the words for your child to blend to identify. For example, 'I spy with my little eye a b-e-d'. Can your child segment the words for you to guess? 

Remember in Nursery we sometimes say we are pretending to be a robot or we are doing 'sound talk'. For a demonstration of segmenting and blending on You Tube, click here.

Mathematics (8/4/20)

Activity 1

Today practise representing number 3 using your fingers, using marks or pictures or even trying to write the numeral '3' using the rhyme shown below. 

Activity 2 - White Rose Maths

Click here to listen again to the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' by Laura Hughes.

Try these two fun activities today or over Easter weekend - have an egg and spoon race and make chocolate nests. See the pictures below (click on them to make them larger). 

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Topic - Jesus is arrested and crucified (8/4/20)

After Jesus had a meal with His disciples He went to a garden to pray. While He was praying He was arrested. Soldiers put Jesus on a cross. Jesus died. We call this sad day 'Good Friday'. Click on the picture to listen and watch the next part of our Easter story. 


Make some cross shapes using sticks or lolly pop sticks. Alternatively try making a tape cross by taping the shape of a cross onto a piece of paper and painting over the top. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape to reveal your cross. Look at the pictures below to give you some ideas. 

Phonics and Literacy (8/4/20) - Segmenting and Blending

Segmenting and blending are important pre-reading skills. When you segment a word you say each sound in the word like a robot - e.g. c-a-t. When you blend a word you put these sounds together to make the whole word - e.g. cat. Children need to learn to do this by listening before they are introduced to letters and read words. Look at the picture below and practise segmenting and blending the words shown as pictures. In Nursery we sometimes say we are pretending to be a robot or we are doing 'sound talk'. For a demonstration of segmenting and blending on You Tube, click here

Mathematics (8/4/20)

Activity 1

Continue to explore number 3. Make collections of 3 or do 3 actions. Can you find 3 socks? 3 spoons? 3 stones? Can you do 3 hops? 3 jumps? 3 claps?

Activity 2 - Number or shape hunt

We will continue with our White Rose Maths Easter activities.Take your tablet or phone out
with you or around the house. Go on a hunt for numbers or shapes. Sing like in the story! Look at the questions below. To listen to the story again, click on the image. 

P.E. (8/4/20)

Wednesday is our PE day so why not join Andy for a wild workout!  Click here to go to the African Savannah!

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Topic - Jesus washes his disciples feet and the Last Supper (7/4/20)

 In the next part of the Easter story we hear about Jesus washing his disciples feet before having a special meal together with his friends, the disciples. First let's listen to how Jesus washed his disciples dusty feet. Click on the picture below.

Imagine washing someone's smelly, dirty feet! It was a very special thing to do and showed His disciples just how much he loved and cared for them. 

It is going to be sunny today. Ask your grown up for a bowl of water. Take off your shoes and socks and stand in the water and then make footprints on the ground outside. You could wash your dollies or cars too!

Now let's listen to the next part of the story - The Last Supper. Click on the picture.

When you have your lunch or your tea with your family, think about Jesus having his meal with His friends. 

Phonics and Literacy (7/4/20)

While the sun is shining, go outside and do some mark making and practise writing your name using chalk or paint with water on the ground. What kind of marks can you make? Can you make wavy or zig-zag lines? Can you draw large circles? Can you make a rainbow shape? Practise copying the letters in your name. 

Painting with Water - Laughing Kids Learn

Mathematics (7/4/20)

Activity 1

Continue to explore number 3. Go on a number hunt around the house or when you go out for your daily walk. Can you find a 3?

Activity 2

We will continue with our White Rose Maths Easter activities.

Click on the picture to listen to the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' by Laura Hughes.

Go on a walk or look around the house and hunt objects that your child finds interesting. 

Now look at the picture below and explore some of the questions. 

Monday 6th April 2020

Topic - Palm Sunday (6/4/20)

Listen to the story of Palm Sunday by clicking on the image below.


The people waved palm branches (big leaves) and shouted 'Hosanna!' 

Make your own palm leaves. Draw around your hand on some paper (green if you have any). Cut them out and glue them onto a stick or a straw. Wave your palm leaf and shout 'Hosanna!'

Phonics and Literacy (6/4/20)

 Play 'Super Smoothie' on the Phonics Play website. This activity helps your child listen to the initial (first) sound in a word.

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Mathematics (6/4/20)

Activity 1

Our number this week is 3. Click the image to watch Numberblocks 3.

Activity 2

Listen to the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' by Laura Hughes, by following the earlier link. Then explore White Rose Maths Week 1, Lesson 1. Click on the link below. Please note, you will have to select week 1 first.