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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School


Religious Education


Worship/ RE

Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic school where the 5Ws of Welcome/ Witness/ Worship/ Welfare and Word are embedded throughout the school ethos.

There are 5 acts of worship a week:



Led by:


Whole School Liturgy

Head Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher


Prayer & Praise

Mrs  Harling


Whole School Liturgy

Teaching Staff


Class Worship or Meditation

Teaching Staff


Celebration of the Week

Head Teacher


In each daily act of worship a range of prayers are said that reflect the Catholic Teachings. Collective worship is an integral part of the school day and should be is carefully planned like any other part of the curriculum and is educational in all aspects. There is always room for flexibility and immediate
response to school, local and national events. The classrooms provide an area in which Collective Worship can take place which is more intimate and personal to the children.

 There are many ways in which pupils can be involved in Collective Worship.  They feel included and have an opportunity to contribute if they wish to.  This contribution should make a difference to the value that pupils place on the time and content of Collective Worship.

Pupils can:-

  • Lead the delivery of Collective Worship
  • Write prayers
  • Read prayers/stories/the Bible
  • Give ideas for content
  • Ask/answer questions
  • Bringing artefacts for the focus table
  • Choose the music and songs
  • Take part in evaluation of Collective Worship
  • Hold visual aids
  • Create power points
  • Be an assistant
  • Manage technical equipment

Pupils are not to be withdrawn from Collective Worship for any reason other than it is the wish of their parents. Prayer like anything else in school should be taught and experienced. There are a range of resources available. Prayer is both a public and a private act. It should go beyond saying the morning, lunch and end of day school prayers.


Our school is a Roman Catholic School and provides positive Catholic teaching based on the Salford Diocesan Religious Education Syllabus. In Religious Education, assessments based on 'Come and See' will be carried out for each child in each topic across the EYFS, and from Year 1 to 6. The EYFS will follow the materials as identified in the Assessment CD which accompanies the scheme. In Years 1 – 6 the children will be assessed using the Lancaster Diocese materials (half-termly trackers).


The Nursery have been learning about Christmas - Thursday 3rd December 2020

Year 2 have been learning about preparations during Advent- Thursday 3rd December 2020

The Nursery have been finding out about Diwali- Monday 16th November 2020

The pupils in Reception are learning about Diwali - Monday 16th November 2020

We honoured those who had died by making poppies and held a two minute silence during Remembrance Day - Wednesday 11th November 2020

We celebrate Father O'Brien being a priest for 10 years- 1st November 2020

We have been thinking about our School Values. The pupils designed displays to reflect each of our values this year- Friday 9th October 2020

Father O'Brien came to bless the school in this new academic year- Friday 2nd October 2020

Steve Burrows from The Laudato Si came and led a special assembly about 'Caring for our Common Home'. He then helped the Eco Team to make Bat and Bird (BOB Boxes) which they will sell to raise funds for CAFOD - Monday 2nd March 2020

Father O'Brien led the pupils in Key Stage 1 and Year 3 in a Lenten Liturgy - Friday 28th February 2020

The pupils in Years 4-6 visited St Mary's RC Church for Ash Wednesday with other local schools- Wednesday 26th February 2020

The GIFT Team have been busy preparing the prayer journals for the other pupils, washing the stations of the cross from Sacred Heart RC Church and planning worship! - February 2020

Father O'Brien led a special mass about Our Lady of Lourdes - Wednesday 12th February 2020

Class 1 assembly about being special and unique - Odd Socks- Wednesday 5th February 2020

Parental comments:

"Very well put together. The kids looked like they had loads of fun. The singing was beautiful"

"Thank you for a great performance and the teachers for working hard with children. "- Jakub's Mum

"Absolutely amazing! Fantastic that the children are learning that everyone's different and there is nothing wrong with that!"

"Well presented and I was amazed how the children have learnt sign language and they sang so beautifully! Thanks to all the teachers for their hard work"- Greta's Mum

"Thank you for preparing our children. The performance was great. Good job!"

""Wonderful, love the singing"- Emily's Great Grandma

"Fantastic singing and sign language, So proud of you all!"- Lexi's Mum, Dad and Grandad

"I think year 1 have learnt about how everyone is special and different"

"Brilliant, enjoyed it, well done for such a thoughtful assembly"- Iman-Noor's Mum

"I love how there is always powerful statements made in every assembly. The children were fantastic. " Hassan's Mum

"Beautiful singing"

"Showing love for each other it helps to build confidence in themselves. Also this is how life is. Well done"- Safaa's family

"Wonderful assembly! A credit to Mr Whitaker. The song and singing moved me to tears. Beautiful"- Ellie- Grace's Mum

"Proud!"- Phillip's family

"Loved how the children learn sign language, it was really moving. Thank you."- Tia's Mum

The Reception Class led an assembly about Chinese New Year and also did a special Chinese Dance- Friday 31st January 2020

"The children did a great performance for the Chinese New Year. I enjoyed it."

"It was wonderful and fun"- Annalyse's Mum

"Great effort from the children and teachers to learn about the Chinese New Year. Well done. "- Zak's Mum

"It was nice to see the whole class doing it together and what they learnt"- Calvin's Mum

"The assembly was brilliant, something different but fun!"- Olivia G's Mum and Grandma

"Very well planned and the children behaved as they should"

"Great, very well done"

"Really good at doing their Chinese New Year's Dance"- Olivia T's Mum

"Amazing performance from the whole of the reception class. Well done everybody"- Elsie's Mum

"Myself and Ella's Dad really enjoyed the assembly. All the children did amazing with their singing, moving and listening. Thank you very much for a wonderful performance"- Ella's Mum and Dad

'Dress as a Bible Character' Day winners - Friday 31st January 2020

Year 2 led a special assembly about Chinese New Year - Wednesday 29th January 2020

" Year 2 did very well in the play all they children worked hard. Taymullah said his line well."- Taymullah's Mum

"Year 2 play was good, they did well explaining about the Chinese New Year."

"Very nicely presented. I loved how they all knew their lines"

"Year 2 spoke loud and clear and sang wonderfully"- Madison's Mum

"Beautiful singing, all the kids did fab. Great listening and learning about other cultures."

"I think it was a very good assembly"

"I think it was great"- Jakub's Mum

"The children did fantastic with their lines"- Mrs Briggs

"Really fantastic to see the children learning about different cultures. I think these activities build confidence also".

"The children did fab and my girls were excited and asked lots of questions about China at home"- Millie and Grace's Mum

"I think Year 2 did extremely well, very confident and bright. They did brilliantly talking about Chinese New Year!"

"Really enjoyed the performance. Well done to the children and teachers."

Class 4 led a special assembly about Martin Luther King and the right of freedom- Wednesday 22nd January 2020

"Year 4 have done us all proud, very well behaved and clear voices. Overall the message they portrayed has been given clearly. Very well done. Managed fantastically"- Amina's Mum

"Year 4 did such a fantastic job with reading, from team work skills to theme singing. I can see the effort put in by Mrs Harling and the kids' confidence levels showed"- Yusuf's Mum

"It was really fantastic. We enjoyed it a lot. It's all your teachers' efforts. Thanks to building up confidence in children to organise such an assembly and teach them about history"- Eeshal's Mummy

"Today's assembly was very good. It teaches us a lesson to live all together without separation of nations, colour, rich and poor. Good. Well done".

"Assembly was amazing. It highlighted an important aspect of society, discrimination and equality."

"The children did very well. Well done Class 4"- Donna Whalley

"I thought it was very well thought out and had lots of information within it."- Caleb's auntie

"Very well organised and the children did brilliant"- Mrs Briggs

"Year 4 were brilliant. Well done! Hendrix has enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King Jr and all the wonderful things he did for people!"- Hendrix's Mum

"It was really lovely. All the children are great. Well done"- Lena's Mum

Year 3 Assembly about their Talents- Wednesday 15th January 2020

"I think it was great and wonderful"- Keira

"I think it was a very good class assembly but it can improve maybe actions and voice  should improve but every other thing is great"- Yusuf

"I thought that it was a lovely show and there was some fantastic reading"- Princess

"Absolutely fabulous Year 3 play. The children all performed brilliantly as always- love it!"- Ethan's Mum

"I really liked their assembly and they did a really good job and learn new things every day. Well done everyone"- Subhan's Mum

"The reading was really well done and the play as a whole was excellent"- Lexani's Dad

"Fantastic performance. It is refreshing to see Jesus at the heart of an assembly"- Grace's Mum

The Feast of the Epiphany Mass with Father O'Brien - Wednesday 8th January 2020

Mass with Father O'Brien - Thursday 19th December 2019

Years 4, 5 & 6 Mass with St Oswald's RC Primary School and St Mary's RC Primary School at St Mary's RC Church- Friday 13th December 2019

Interfaith Exhibition - Friday 29th November 2019

We asked our parents what they had enjoyed about the exhibition.

Our Parents said....

"The children were very knowledgeable talking about the different religions. It was obvious they had fun learning. The different range of activities the children had completed was really interesting"- M Brown

"Amazing work by everyone"- L Fraser

"It is nice that the children believe in religion. The Kids have lots of fun learning about different countries- J Berryman

"Everyone (students) are very knowledgeable about the religion. It is nice to see kids participate regardless of the religion they believe in. The kids are fabulous."- L Salazar 

"Learning about all the different work the school have been doing"- T Sharpe

"I learnt about new religions!"- Shameem

"Looking at all the hard work all the children have done. Very creative!"- R Coates

"Seeing how proud and passionate the children are about their work. Great to see the effort the children have gone to"- M Gibson

"Seeing my son's learning"- S Olszewska

"Everybody's art work. Very creative!"- W Trella

"Looking at what everyone has done. Very well done!"- L Dand

"We enjoyed learning about different religions. All the children have tried really hard"- Alisha and Clare (former pupils)

The pupils in Reception Class visited St Mary's RC Church to find out about Baptism - Friday 29th November 2019

Zishan Abid (Headteacher at Raza Academy) came to talk to the children about the Muslim Faith - Thursday 28th November 2019

"It was an absolute please to visit your school for collective worship. The children were very well behaved and a credit to all the staff at Sacred Heart. Keep up the great work!" 

Zishan Abid   Headteacher at the Raza Academy

Ann Angel from 'Religious Education for Schools' came to speak to the pupils about the Jewish Faith. She then worked closely with two year groups to help them find out more - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Year 1 and Year 4 went to visit the Raza Jamia Masjid Mosque - Monday 25th November 2019

Mass for Holy Souls with Father O'Brien - Wednesday 20th November 2019

Father O'Brien came in to Year 5 to talk to the pupils about Marriage during their RE lesson - Thursday 21st November 2019