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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School


Year 6

Year 4 provision (typically year 6)

(apx 36-38 weeks – 36/38 hours specialist contact time plus 15-20 hours self-study/additional activities)

() denotes approximate number of lessons dedicated to that particular topic.  Additional hours focus on grammar work

Autumn term 1

  • The alphabet – being able to understand words being spelt out loud(1)
  • Meeting people – Using pronouns je and tu(1)
  • Talking about your school items – using the indefinite article(2)
  • Revision of numbers - using avoir to say your age(1)
  • Revision of months of the year. Giving the date(1)
  • Talking about the classroom using the definite article(1)
  • Revision of colours – look at adjectival agreements(1)


Autumn term 2

  • Talking about brothers and sisters-using the verb avoir (1)
  • Talking about your family.  Using possessive adjectives mon, ma and mes (1)
  • Talking about pets(1)
  • Describing yourself and others (1)
  • Talking about hair and eyes(1)

Spring term 1

  • Talking about where you live(1)
  • Describing your home(1)
  • Describing your bedroom(1)
  • Talking about what you do in the evening(1)
  • Telling the time(1)

Spring term 2

  • Asking about places in town(1)
  • Asking for directions(1)
  • Saying where you are and where you are going(1)
  • Expressing opinions(1)
  • Ordering drinks and snacks(1)

Summer term 1

  • Talking about what you do in the morning(1)
  • Talking about school subjects(1)
  • Giving opinions and reasons(1)
  • Talking about your timetable(1)
  • Talking about what you do after school(1)

Summer term 2

  • Talking about sport and games(1)
  • Talking about musical instruments(1)
  • Saying what you like to do(1)
  • At the leisure centre(1)
  • Going on holiday(1)