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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"



This weeks maths is looking at ratio. Extra worksheets can be found on BBC Bitesize to help with your learning.


This week's plans continue on from the previous week on survival. I am looking forward to receiving your emails with your completed work. You never know when what you have learnt about survival will be useful for you!

You know Mrs Whitaker asks you to vary your sentences. Watch this video to remind you of different ways to start your sentences. At High School you will still need them,so don't waste time and learn them!

Now you have been reminded of different ways to start your sentences, write a paragraph making sure each sentence has a different starter. 

Mrs Whitaker's paragraph.

The last 3 months have been strange. At home, we have been doing our learning. Have I managed to do something different everyday? Surprisingly, there have been lots of things I have learnt or done during lockdown like finding new walks or new recipes. Walking around my local area, has been the best activity.


Now we have chosen all the items we want for our room and we have worked out the affordability, we can start to make our room. If you are making yours at home, you could use materials you have at home like a scrap of carpet or wallpaper, recycle cardboard boxes or bottle tops - I have used a bottle top as a lamp shade and another for a waste paper bin. Please send in a photo of your room for us to share on our website.