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Week 5


Back again! Fluent in five


Hope you enjoyed learning the 6 times table through song. This week look at the 7 times table and see if you can beat the rapper!

This week we will be looking at area of a triangle and scaling. Work through the sheets and ask for help from an adult if you need it.


You should be nearly at the end of the book and understood that this novel is a story about times in World War 2. Like today, the government made posters to persuade people to do their bit to help the cause. In WW2, they asked the women who were at home to get involved in different jobs.They did this by putting posters up to inform and persuade them to join the nation in helping each other through these difficult times. Here are a few posters they would have seen.


Use ideas from these posters and create your own to persuade people to help with the farming or nursing, or for the men to join the army. The posters get straight to the point, show the women smiling (making it look enjoyable), they are personal using words like 'needs you'. These were tactics of persuading people to join the cause.

What kind of poster could you make to persuade Britains to stay at home, wash their hands, support the NHS, help the farms collect crops, social distance. Design your own poster using the techniques seen in the WW2 posters to persuade people in the Coronavirus pandemic

to do their bit.

Read chapter 17 - The Rescue. Thhis is quite a sad chapter but one that shows how Tom had become really fond of Willie and would do anything to help him.

 Write a newspaper report about how Willie was rescued from his own home, not because of the bombings but because of how his mother had left him and his sister home alone and locked up. Remember the features of a newspaper report - headline, factual, image, past tense.

Read chapter 20 when the authorities come to try and take Willie away. Write a letter fromTom to the authorities proving he is the best person to take care of William. Remember in the early days when Tom was not too impressed to have Will stay with him and how the neighours were shocked that Tom had been given an evacuee to look after. How things changed over time and Willie became like a son to Tom, how he cared for him and made sure he had enough clothes, a dry bed, enough food and taught him to read and write.


Watch the film with your parents, it will help you understand what you have read and appreciate what times were like in WWII. Here is the link for you to watch it on YouTube



The Spar Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme aims to provide opportunities for young people and families to become or remain active through a timetable of accessible opportunities. Resources, videos, weekly challenges and
learning activities will form part of a weekly timetable to ensure you can become
or remain active.

Click on the timetable and it will take you to an interactive web page where you can access the activities.

Once you have watched this clip, complete these activities.


We have 5 key words, and 5 which follow a spelling rule.











Once you are confident with the words complete the spelling test.

Spelling Test 1

  1. I love a good _________. It spices things up.
  2. The local ___________ store is quite expensive.
  3. You can ____________ with our friends in Bo soon.
  4. Please don’t___________ each other; be kind instead.
  5. The main aim of a business is to make a _____________.
  6. To Muslims, Jesus is merely a _____________.
  7. If something is stopped, we say it is _____________.
  8. My favourite type of shops is a ____________ shop.
  9. We do not ________ from anyone.
  10. _________ is a hard metal, often made in Sheffield.


Below is some work for you on light and shadows. Follow the instructions to see what happens when the light source remains constant but the partitions are moved.