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Wow! week 4 already


Hope you have all been enjoying Whiterose maths. If you need help please contact school and I will support you where I can.





Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

I will be checking the league table to see who has most points.  Make sure you are accessing TTR (you will need them for High School!)


Practice your 6 times table and get someone at home to test you. This video will help you get in the rhythm 



I have enjoyed reading Goodnight Mr Tom whilst sitting in the garden. Where have you been reading it? Send photographs of where you read the novel.


By now you will have realised this book is set in World War 2. We find ourselves having to follow restrictions like they did in the war. Write a few sentences for the following words/phrases that happened in the war years:




Write a diary entry that Willie may have written about a day as an evacuee. Please write a diary entry for a day you have had in isolation. Please send some of your work for me to enjoy reading.


Some Easter fun

Grammar and punctuation

Watch this video and then complete the following task.

Semi colons
Activity One:
Rewrite the sentences out below, inserting semi colons in the
correct place.
1) Call me tomorrow I will give you my answer then.
2) English was Anna’s hardest subject additionally, she
struggled with science.
3) Susan loves to swim her brother likes to dive.
4) My hair is very wet I have just washed it.
5) Climbing a mountain shouldn’t be done when it is raining
the rocks become slippery.
6) I always recommend Nandos they have a great menu.
Activity Two:
Answer the following questions:
1) What are the two different reasons for using semi colons
in your writing?
2) What three main things can semi colons replace when
being used?
3) How might people use semi colons incorrectly?
4) What’s wrong with the following sentence?
My hair is very wet; ice cream is very cold.
Activity Three:
Create your own sentences that use semi colons to separate

PE Challenge to have fun with