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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Class 6



Click on the link above for Year 6 pupils transitioning to Mount Carmel RC High School in September 2020

Year 6 Spelling – Spring


Year 6 Spelling Feb 10th –cious and -tious

conscious, precious, suspicious, delicious, vicious, spacious, gracious, ferocious, malicious, tenacious

ambitious, cautious, infectious, nutritious, pretentious, fictitious, superstitious, fractious, vexatious, anxious


Year 6 Spelling Feb 24th –cial and tial

social, special, official, financial, commercial, crucial, artificial, beneficial, superficial, facial

potential, essential, initial, substantial, partial, confidential, impartial, torrential, palatial, martial


Year 6 Spelling Mar 2nd –ant and –ent

brilliant, significant, relevant, servant, assistant, constant, pleasant, hesitant, infant, observant

moment, present, patient, student, independent, client, document, current, incident, agent


Year 6 Spelling Mar 9th -ent 2

experiment, excellent, equivalent, sufficient, apparent, ancient, talent, opponent, permanent, urgent

efficient, silent, tournament, accent, confident, consistent, frequent, violent, innocent, decent


Year 6 Spelling Mar 16th –ance and –ence

performance, importance, balance, distance, appearance, entrance, reluctance, elegance, ambulance, nuisance

experience, evidence, difference, influence, science, presence, sentence, audience, absence, sequence


Year 6 Spelling Mar 23rd -ancy and -ency

infancy, hesitancy, agency, emergency, currency, efficiency, frequency, tendency, decency, potency


Year 6 Spelling Mar 30th ough words and -ought and -aught

rough, tough, enough, cough, though, dough, through, thorough, borough, plough

ought, bought, thought, nought, sought, brought, fought, taught, caught, fraught


Year 6 Spelling Apr 6th Adding suffixes to –fer words

referred, referring, differed, differing, offering, suffering, preferring, preference,  reference, referee


Macbeth- English

The pupils have been reenacting scenes from Macbeth. In this scene Macbeth is told he cannot be killed until Birnam Wood moves. The army go and take branches so it looks like the forest is moving. At the end they take up arms. 


Year 6  have been looking at Healthy Eating and have spent the past half term researching what has been done previously for Healthy Eating in schools, such as Jamie Oliver with school dinners. The children made a questionnaire to ask Keystage 2  about school dinners. They then looked at Healthy meals and have had the opportunity to prepare and cook one. 

Crime Workshop linked to our 'Super Sleuth' Topic- 2nd October 2019

Word of the week...Melancholy


Pendle Hill

We walked up Pendle Hill today, March 3rd 2020. 16300 steps, 6 miles and experienced snow, rain, wind and sunshine. The children excelled themselves both in grit and determination and behaviour. Look  through our photo gallery to see the extremes of weather, the mishaps had by some but most of all the smiles on the children's faces which make it all worthwhile.


Maths Breakfast club every Monday 8:00 a.m (breakfast is provided)

Grammar Club every Monday 3:15 - 4:00

Many children have engaged with the Fantastic Book Award and have enjoyed reading a variety of suggested books. The books include:

The Chocolate Factory Ghost

Iguana Boy

The Battle of the Blighty Bling

The Cosmic Atlas Alfie Fleet

Just Jack

The children will be making a montage of one of these books to enter into a county wide competition.


Year 6 are learning dance and how to put a routine together using specific movements. We have linked this to our topic on Macbeth and have been pretending to be BirnamWoods moving towards Dunsinane Castle

This term Year 6 will be reading Alice in Wonderland as a class. In English, the children will have lots of writing opportunities as they explore the novel. We will compare the book to the film and consider the differences between them.