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Don't forget to share your learning with me! It can be presented in whatever format you choose! I have enjoyed seeing your learning so far! Keep it up Year 5 you are all amazing!

As you learn new information make some comparisons with what you already know.

How are the Ancient Greeks similar or different to the Ancient Maya or the Ancient Egyptians?

Where in the world did they live? 

When did they live?

How did they rule?


Research the rivers of the UK. Can you name 10 of them? Find out where they are, how long they are and any interesting facts about them?

Make a model of a river using recycled materials. 

Summer Term

Our History Topic would be Ancient Greece. Below are some activities you could have a go at to learn about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks.

They were most famous for giving us the Olympic Games and the (London) Marathon. What can you find out about these 2 sporting activities?

The Olympic Games have only ever been cancelled 3 times. This year will be a fourth time due to the Pandemic which has spread around the world.

Can you find out why and when the Games were cancelled in the past?

Below is a Cheat Sheet with some information about the Ancient Greeks. Use this as a starting point for your learning and create some questions you would like the answers to. Remember how we learn in class!

Make a claim

Support your Claim

Ask a question

Repeat all of the above!