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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 5

Here is your Math for the week.


Focus: Words containing the letter string ‘ough’

  1. though
  2. although
  3. dough
  4. doughnut
  5. through
  6. cough
  7. trough
  8. rough
  9. tough
  10. enough       

Write each word in a sentence.  Try and use these in your sentences:

-ing opener

-ed opener

simile starter

?         !         "       "

Adverbial starter

Include a relative clause.


Last month we should have completed our Bikeability.  Below are some instructions to a website providing a workbook for you to work through. All children could access this, whether you have a bike or not.


  1. Visit our website at http://www.saferschools.lancsngfl.ac.uk/
  2. Go to the Primary School tab
  3. Click continue
  4. Enter the school number: 11033
  5. Enter password 'safertravel' (all 1 word).
  6. Click the Passport to Safer Cycling tab
  7. Scrolling towards the bottom, you'll see Passport - Module 1 Forms and Letters. Within that click on Module 1 Workbook. Below that are the answers!


This unit is about Ancient Greeks. Please also see the Homework button for more ideas about them. Don't forget to share your writing and images with me. Send to head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk


Below are some non-fiction news stories. Using the 5W's grid below the text, can you identify what each story is about?

Macauley completed the D & T bridge challenge

Wow, Macauley! You have made a super bridge which clearly supports the weight! Thank you for sharing your efforts with us.

Mrs Savage


As well as Joe Wicks at 9:00am, here are some other challenges you might like to have a go at!

Design Technology Challenge

Linking to our work on Rivers, can you design a bridge to span 30cm and hold a weight of 500g? 

Read the challenge below to see what you are able to use and ideas on which bridges are strongest.