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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 3 - Holy Week


This weekend is Easter. Have a lovely weekend and be sure to take time off from your learning and have fun with your family! Don't eat too many Easter Eggs! 

Have a go at the Art and Craft ideas below and don't forget to share your work with us!

 Email head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk

Why not write the Easter Story using your handprints? Each member of your family could take one part of the story and then you could make it into a book.

Our distanced learning this week....

Amazing work Lily-Mae! I love your model of a river. Very creative. Mrs Savage

Artwork by Zuzanna

Wow! I love your art work, Zuzia. Mrs Savage

Super moves Eryk and Brajan! Mrs Savage

Well Done Eryk on completing the Math and Reading activities! Mrs Savage


Great work Lilly-Mae! Mrs Savage

Keep it up Lily-Mae! Mrs Savage


For those children who want their Maths fix, here is your Fluent in Five.


Focus: Convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ify

  1. amplify
  2. solidify
  3. signify
  4. falsify
  5. glorify
  6. notify
  7. testify
  8. purify
  9. intensify
  10. classify

Read Theory

I have logged in to Read Theory and can see those of you who are accessing this great resource. Well Done! You know who you are. I will take another look next week to see who else has logged in. 



I have added a new package to the Dashboard called 'Your Imagination'. It has lots of well known songs to join in with and sing.

Well Done to those children who have logged into it already. Hope you enjoyed it!

I will have another look next week!