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Year 4 Summer School

Joke of the day

Summer Activities

Below are some activities for you to complete if you get bored during your summer holiday.

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Picture News

Practice your reading skills by reading the Picture Newspaper.

Science Time

Do you fancy doing some simple science experiments at home? Well click on the mage below to find out how. Remember to ask a parent first though!

Vintage Children's TV

If you enjoyed watching the Wombles, watch other examples of vintage TV.  Mrs Harling's personal favourites are Chorlton and the Wheelies and Rentaghost. 

We're all going to the zoo tomorrow

Due to lock-down restrictions, we can't really go but click on the image below for a virtual tour of the zoo. Watch out for the tigers, they look a bit hungry!

Art Attack

Feeling the need to do some art? Click on the image below for some artistic inspiration.

Fancy an out this world experience? Click on the image below to take you to the NASA kids website.

Sing loud and proud!

Are you missing your singing? Click on the image below to enter the Sing up website and sing until your heart's content!

Just for you because I bet you are missing this song!

Continue practicing your Times Tables so you are ready for September.

Practice your reading comprehension on Read Theory.

Carry on with your computer programming using Rapid Router.

Practice your drawing skills using the video tutorials from the Kids Art Hub. Click below to access.