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Week 5

Maths - 20th April to 25th April 

Fluent in 5

Daily Maths Sessions

We are looking at Summer Week 2

Video lessons

How are you finding school being closed?

Music- Use the link below to access Charanga music and explore music world after creating your own avatar!

Can you beat my KAHOOT Maths challenge??  

PE Challenge of the week

Socks in an box!

It is VERY important that we stay active during these difficult times. The Lancashire School Games Partnership have produced an excellent set of timetables and ideas to help get you and your family moving. Please feel free to use these to stay healthy and active. 

The BBC are also producing some daily lessons, not just Maths and English, but also other subjects. 

Have a look at these. 


English 24th April 2020

Read another chapter of the book -(if not all of it!)

The Twits

Pick from these ideas to produce a great piece of writing.

Discuss if you would like to be Mr Twit or Mrs Twit and why? Write this with reasons.

Which chapter did you like best?  Write a recommendation or book review of your favourite chapter.

Write a diary as if you were Mr or Mrs Twit based on one of the chapters

Use ideas from this website to plan and make a film of one of the chapters.

Plan your own film

English 23rd April 2020

Watch this clip about Mr and Mrs Twit

 After watching the clip think about -

What happened?

What did Mrs Twit do?


What would you have done?

How did Mr Twit react?

How would you have reacted?

Write the story of Mr And Mrs Twit and the Spaghetti in your own words.

Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence?


English 22nd April 2020

Do the same as yesterday, but this time read about Mrs Twitt.  Creating a poster, fact file or a Top Trumps cards.

English 21st April 2020

Re-read the chapters together about Mr Twit and Dirty Beards

Print this if you can (or copy to word) so your can use a highlighter pen.
Highlight all the information you read about Mr Twit.

Now create a fact file, poster or Top Trumps card about Mr Twit using the information you have read.
Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.

English 20th April 2020

The Twits

Read and enjoy the following chapters from The Twits by Roald Dahl
Hairy Faces
Mr Twit
Dirty Beards
Mrs Twit
The Twits to view and download

This could be by reading the text to your child or
by reading a paragraph, or page, to each other.
Look at the vocabulary in these chapters.
Find exciting words and new words from the text
and write them down e.g. tufts, matted, wise etc.
Discuss meanings of these words together.
Look up some of the new words you have found in
a dictionary or by using Word Hippo.

Word Hippo

Spellings - Words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘o’